Top 10 Best places in Mahabaleshwar, India

Hill station is the best holiday destination, it sounds more exciting. When the destination contains scenic views with lots of adventures, it seems like nature with the venture.

The most attractive holiday destination is the hill station. It is always a wonderful experience to have a trip among salubrious valley surrounded by mountains and peaks.

I am talking about Mahabaleshwar, a beautiful hill station with forests in the Western Ghats. I would like to share my experience of a trip to Mahabaleshwar.

The hill station’s cold weather often makes us feel like paradise. So let’s have a mesmerizing glance at the best places in Mahabaleshwar.

Best places in Mahabaleshwar

The beautiful scenic points such as Wilson point, elephant’s head point. The place is tranquil offering and famed for the numerous rivers and cultivation of strawberries.

Well, we had visited the Mahabaleshwar in December that means in winter. The cool morning with a hot sip of tea sitting in from the valley makes a hilarious start of the day.

No wonder, who doesn’t like to see how carefully the cultivation of strawberries has been done in Mapro Garden. The various species of flora with cool bliss of air, such a picturesque atmosphere.

1. Vienna Lake

Vienna Lake is one of the attractive tourist destinations in Mahabaleshwar. The tranquil clear water of Lake is surrounded by lush green trees.

Vienna Lake: Google (source)

The sunset at Vienna lake is the awful scenic view I have ever seen. The boating in the lake with the light-dark saffron evening is ending of the perfect day out.

You can even enjoy the horse ride just beside the lake spot. There are a number of small eateries stalls on the opposite stretch of Venna Lake.

At night the look of the stretch is more amazing as all the stalls are decorated with lighting. The game zone and small market are also there along the stretch.

There is more rush on the eateries stalls in night time rather than daytime. Vienna Lake is one of the best places in Mahabaleshwar to explore boat rides and horse ride.

2. Arthur’s Point

Arthur’s seat is also one of the popular points in Mahabaleshwar which is also known as Queen of the point.

author's seat
Author’s seat – Mahabaleshwar

The officer Arthur Malet had lost his wife and one-month-old daughter in a tragic mishap. He used to sit here and stare at Savitri river.

However, this is a sixth point in the stretch of points including the Echo point, hunter point, tiger spring point, and window point. Arthur’s seat is quite deep in the valley from where you can see the peaks of mountains.

But you should beware of the monkeys as they can grab food or water. Another point I like is the tiger spring point.

It is believed that tigers and other animals were used to come for drinking water. Still, from the giant rock, the water of the river is flowing.

These six points are one of the best places in Mahabaleshwar, especially Arthur’s seat.

3. Wilson Point

Wilson Point is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar also renowned as Sunrise point. The early morning view of rising sun wishes a wonderful day ahead.

Wilson point – Mahabaleshwar

The glance of shades of the natural colors in the open sky at the highest peak gives a fresh start of the day. People prefer to have an early morning walk at this point.

However, the evening is also as beautiful as the morning. The best time to visit this point is Winters when you can enjoy walk with the cool bliss of air.

The other points can also be viewed such as Babington point and other places of old Mahabaleshwar. So this tranquil offering point is also one of the best places in Mahabaleshwar.

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4. Pratapgad Fort

The Pratapgad fort is an important tourist destination in Mahabaleshwar for many decades. The fort has its significance as it was constructed after the battle of Pratapgad.

Pratapgad Fort-best-places-in-mahabaleshwar
Pratapgad Fort – Mahabaleshwar

In this battle, Afzal Khan was killed by Shivaji Maharaj and his body was buried under this fort. The brownish-black stone of the fort defines the history of the battle though it has two parts upper fort and lower fort.

In the lower fort, there is a temple of Bhavani constructed by black stone. The scenery of the upper fort looks wonderful as it is elevated surrounded by sheer cliffs.

We had visited the fort in the noontime. It has long trekking route way to the fort. Afzal tower is also stretched to the left of the upper fort.

Moreover, it feels like stones and walls of the fort conceal more mystery in its. The feel of cool black stone will hold you to spend more time on the place.

Pratapgad fort is one of the best places in Mahabaleshwar exploring the history of the 16th century.

5. Kate’s Point

Every elevated peak gives treasure look of nature. Though Kate’s point is 5km away from Vienna lake towards Panchgani.

Kate’s point – Mahabaleshwar

It is often called as Echo point having huge rock which is on the hill at the elevation of 50m. The point is quite peaceful and has a glance of Krishna river and Dhom Dam.

The other villages of old Mahableshwar can also be viewed from the elevated point. The look of the deep green valley surrounding the point is most attractive picturesque view.

However, another two points can also be seen Echo point and Elephant’s head point. The needle hole point has overhanging cliffs in the shape of an Elephant’s truck. On this, you can also enjoy the rock formation. Moreover, you can also visit Lodwick’s point which is in the proximity of Kate’s point.

6. Krishnabai Temple

Krishnabai Temple is also one of the best places in Mahableshwar. Though the temple is not much visited by the tourist because it is an unknown place.

Krishnabhai Temple – Mahabaleshwar

The temple is behind the Panchganga temple. The approach to reach the temple is a small narrow trail which makes you feel like you are going in a deep forest.

The Krishnabai temple is the origin of the Krishna river, the water of the river falls from the Gomukh. The significance of this temple is carved black stone’s columns and ceiling.

The peaceful place of worship is one of my favorite on this trip to Mahableshwar. The pleasant scenic view of the valley outside the temple is awful.

The cultivation of strawberries is done just beside the temple on the farm. It was incredible to see how carefully they cultivate the fresh strawberries.

7. Lingmala Waterfall

Lingmala Waterfall is peace offering the best place in Mahabaleshwar. You need relief from the race of hectic life, the cool bliss of moisture and nature’s beauty in the form of a waterfall is enough to make your day awe-inspiring.

Lingmala Waterfall-best-places-in-mahabaleshwar
Lingmala Waterfall – Mahabaleshwar

The other view surrounds this waterfall is Dhobi Waterfall and Chinaman’s waterfall. When the waterfalls from 500ft carved deep cliff, it feels like the incredible joy of heaven.

The shining drop of water coming from the rock gives the rainbow effect in the morning. The rhythmic sound of water is salubrious even in the rainy season.

8. Mapro Garden

One of the wonderful best places in Mahabaleshwar is Maori Garden. Hence, Mapro Garden is mainly for cultivating the strawberries and other fruit products.

Mapro Garden
Mapro Garden – Mahabaleshwar

The beautifully decorated garden with the various species of flowers makes staring glance. The colorful view of natural flora, a small nursery, chocolate factory, and children play area makes major attraction.

In the small nursery, they explain how they cultivate the strawberries and other organic flowers. Along with cultivation activity, they also show the manufacturing of Syrups and Jams.

Hence, this is one of the exciting places to visit in Mahabaleshwar which is full of coloring flowers and artificial waterfall.

The place seems like the flowering heaven. This is the most attractive place in Mahabaleshwar.

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9. Lodwick Point

Another eye-catching place of West Mahableshwar is Lodwick Point. It was earlier famed as Sydney point.

Lodwick Point
Lodwick Point – Mahabaleshwar

The point is named in remembrance of officer General Locdwick who climbed the mountain and reach on this point. The 25ft high column is constructed to approximate his brave spirit.

However, the head of Lodwick is made of marble resting on the base of the column. The amazing view of Pratapgad and Elphinstone point is a tremendous experience for a perfect day out.

Stepped shaped valley and mountain ranges are the add-ons of this place. Most of the tourists visit the place just to have one glance at this picturesque view.

10. Table Land

Table Land is the highest point of Panchgani about 4550ft elevated. It is said as Asia’s second-longest mountain plateau.

Table Land
Table Land – Mahabaleshwar

It is the best to place in Mahabaleshwar to explore horse riding and other activities. In December, the biggest Panchgani festival is organized.

When I visited, the Pachagani festival was about to start. Kite festival on this table Land was organized, the view of colorful kites of various characters of cartoons and smiley faces of kites make it more incredible.

Moreover, you can also have an aerial view of Rajpuri caves and Devil’s kitchen. In the caves, there is another underground tunnel worshipped Mahadeva.


The small district of Satara contains lot many scenic views with its mystery. The best places in Mahabaleshwar has cultural importance whereas others have its history.

However, the worship of Krishna river, Battle history of Pratapgad, mysterious story of Arthur’s Seat and the peak of Kate’s point make the vibrant combination of natural views.

Moreover, who doesn’t want to live surround sheer cliffs and green hills? The trip was amazing in the cold season to enjoy this paradise.