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A land of celestial beauty blessed with soft sand beaches lust green mountains. The best places in Maharashtra holds beautiful history with their civilization.

India consists of awful beauties of history and culture. That catch millions of tourist’s eyes to visit the amazing places.

Maharashtra is one of those pleasant states, with breathtaking a paranomic scenic view and the iconic places. It consists of the places such as peace of monasteries, the ancient architectural carving of caves, rich heritage of tradition, beautiful mountains.

I have visited these places recently. And I have the craving to see the beauty of nature again and again. Every time I visit the places and it gives me something new to know about those places.

The places that I like to visit, are Ajanta Ellora caves, Mahableshwar, and Panchgani which gave me eternal peace from this rush-full life. You should also visit these best places in Maharashtra.

Not only the scenic view but the state preserves many species of flora, fauna and avian life. The state contains so many cities which have national parks to preserve the varied species of wild lives.

These Are Best Places In Maharashtra You Can Visit In 2019

In this article, the best places in Maharashtra are listed which combinedly create an awesome visual display and attract thousand’s eyes.

1. Mumbai

Mumbai, the city which never sleeps. This is one of the best places in Maharashtra which is located on the west coast of India. It has a deep natural harbour.


Well, if you planning to vacay in the state of Maharashtra then your first preference of visiting the city, Mumbai. Because it is the combination of scenic view as well as the historic places with wildlife sanctuaries.

My favorite places are Girgaum Chowpatty and Marine Drive as I prefer peace rather than the crowd.

The city grabs maximum tourisms every year as it has mesmerizing places of relaxation, spiritual spots, historical places etc.

The famous places to visit in the dream city are Gate way of India, Marine Drive, Film city of Goregaon, Siddhivinayak temple and Haji Ali mosque. The other places of peace which the city is always crowded with that is Juhu Chowpatty, Aksha beach.

The Dream city is also famous for the shopping streets which includes Colaba districts from where you will get branded clothes for your wardrobe in cheaper prices.

The bustling energy of the people every time makes the city rushful. That’s why the city is called as it never sleeps.

You will find various diversity’s culture and the celebration of many festivals. You will visit many other amazing places such as Kanheri caves, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mount Merry Church, Banganga Tank etc.

The mouth-watering food streets with the best sunset view with waves of the sea are the place, Marine Beach.

2. Pune

Pune is also listed as the best places in Maharashtra which have cultural spots. As the city is in proximity to the other major cities like Mumbai, it is also having the main attraction for tourism.

The places which are to be visited in the journey are Singhad fort, scuba diving and adventure trekking experience in Andharban, Lohagarh, Rajmachi fort, etc.


The city is full of adventure experience with amazing sight views such as another exhilarating under water experience in Sangam Safari and Crocodile Island. The places which is best for rafting experience for beginners with easy trekking are Rajmachi fort and Kundalika river.

There are also enormous options to stay in the city such as luxurious resorts, hillside resorts which have hilarious mountain valley view.

However, Maharashtra also consists of many hill stations such as Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Khandala, Lonavala which makes your trip more happening.

3. Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is one of the best places in Maharashtra. It is the hill station with all the beautiful valley around and luxurious resort.

The place consists of many lakes and gardens as well as the peak points. The place enchants Wilson point, Vienna lake with boating facility.


The place is also popular for trekking and beautiful waterfalls such as Chinaman and Dhobi waterfall. The historic places of the city are Pratapgarh fort, Afzal Khan tomb and Pratap Garden.

The place is most visited in summer as it gives exhilarating amazing scenic view. The Rajpuri caves are the main attraction of tourists.

The other places such as Arthur’s seat, elephant’s head point, Connaught peak, Lingamala falls and Mahabaleshwar temple.

4. Ajanta Ellora caves, Aurangabad

The place which provides eternal peace. It is nested in the Aurangabad, Maharashtra.


The another which is also listed in the best places in Maharashtra. The Ajanta Ellora caves consist of carving on the rock and painting.

The two phases of these caves include the worship halls of Buddhism tradition. The life of ancient civilization and rebirth of Buddha by presenting it pictorially.

However, the story also describes the different era of centuries. Ajanta caves are made with vivid colours and mural wall painting presenting in caves 16,17, 1 and 2.

Ellora caves include Hindu, Buddha and Jain religion caves. It is the main attraction in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra.

The caves 15 and 16 is decorated with elephants and naga. The painting in the Ajanta caves represents the Jataka tales.

In caves 17, the right Buddha are carved with the painting of elephants and riders.

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5. Sanjay Gandhi Nation Park, Mumbai

Sanjay Gandhi National park is one of the best national parks located in Maharashtra. The park attracts two million tourists with the amazing ecosystem and Kanheri caves in the park.

The thousands of flora and fauna diversities reside in the park. The flora includes teak, Kadamba, Karanj and Shisam, other flower species.


The fauna includes flying fox, chital, leopards, sambar deer and four-horned antelopes. Moreover, the reptile species include pythons, cobra, monitor lizards and bamboo pit vipers.

The other attraction of the park is Krishnagiri Upavan, lion and tiger safaris along with two watchtowers.

Rock climbing is the most common adventure in the park. The place is such a paradise for tourists.

6. Matheran

Matheran is another mesmerizing hill station located in the Sahyadri ranges on the Western Ghats. The lust green forest, sight of waterfalls and views of beautiful lake enlighten the eyes.


Matheran is the full of hilarious natural beauties. The heart touching view of sun rise and sunset with valley view.

The famous sites are lake charlotte, mallang point, Echo point, Luisa Point and heart point. The places become wonder part of your journey if you wander the sights with horse riding.

The amazing ride of Matheran by toy train from Neral and enjoy the zigzag ride. The adventure spot in the Matheran is Garbett plateau.

It is also one of the best places for trekking as well as hiking with routes which are rich in wildlife, lust green forests.

7. Panchgani

Panchgani is also best hill station which is to be visited by many tourists as it is in the proximity of the Mahabaleshwar.

Panchgani is located in Satara district surrounded by Sahyadri Ranges. The clean atmosphere with beautiful peak points.


We have visited Mapro garden as well as Mala’s Garden. The peak Table point which was my favourite place.

Above all the destinations, I have visited, this was the best trip I have ever had.  

The combination of stark contrast hills and coastal plains make the place more awful. The Panchgani festival is also celebrated at the end of the year with colourful streets and with mouth-watering food.

Horse riding, sky diving, bungee jumping, paragliding and camping are the most interesting activities for which this place is famous for.

The main attraction of tourist is the peak points such as Sydney point, Parsi point, Cheese factory, Devrai art village, and Mapro Garden, etc.

8. Lavasa

Lavasa is India’s first privately built hill station. The place has a picturesque beauty with scenic views.

Lake with a peaceful environment, lush green trees, and vibrant buildings will make your eyes colorful to amaze with its beauty.


Boating facilities is provided at the lakeside. Lakeside promenade is the main attraction of the place including many restaurants.

The amazing luxurious resorts for residing will give the relief of peace. Bamboosa and Temgarh dam is the primary attraction of the place.

9. Tadoba National Park

Well, the trip seems amazing when you are around wild lives. It is not just to preserve the wildlife but the adventure hub spot also.


Tadoba national park preserves the Tigers species located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. Here, you can also enjoy the jeep safaris, view of dense forest with various other species of flora and fauna.

Apart from the tiger reserves, it has also other places to visit such as Erai Dam and Tadoba lake, Moharli, Khosla etc.

Summer is the best time to visit the place with awful scenic beauty and a lot of adventure spots.

10. Khandala

Khandala is also one of the best places in Maharashtra located in Pune District. The place of natural beauty with the scenic view of the valley.


One can also visit the nearer places such as Karla and Bhaja caves, Lonavala Lake, Tugauli lake, Bhushi lake and Duke’s Nose etc.

The place is also famous for trekking, hiking and other adventure activities. Rock climbing is the main attractive activity in tourism.


These are the places in Maharashtra which give you the exhilarating feel with amazing sight view. Maharashtra is also a rich cultural heritage and spiritual spot.

Maharashtra is the prime state of cultural importance. Pune, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala, Mumbai are popular tourists destinations in Maharashtra.

The art of the ancient era adds to the beauty of the state. The carvings of Ajanta Ellora caves with the amazing scenic view will make your trip unforgettable.

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