10 best places of Gujarat to visit this year

Looking for tropical destination for summer vacations?. However, the month of July is quite hilarious when the drizzling water drops feels like pleasing adobe of nature.

Do you like to explore cultural destinations with picturesque surrounding? Especially camel ride in white field of sand, glancing the Asiatic line in bushes of forest.

Well, I am talking about Gujarat, a state with its rich ancient civilization. Let’s have a glance over the best places of Gujarat. The carved temples and amazing architecture are shoring the beauty of the place.

Not only the historical places but also the salubrious valley of Saputara and blissing air of mountains makes fresh start of the day. Although it conceals some mysteries of history.

Gujarat has enormous places which represents their ancient civilization, cultural heritage. The places which is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

The best places of Gujarat which will not only consist of ancient architectures but also with scenic places. You will find an Asiatic lion in the national park, the largest coastal line etc.

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Our Pick For The Best Places Of Gujarat

The rich culture and excellent architecture of heritage sites reveals the concealed secrets of history. The best places of Gujarat defines the history as well as rich wildlife sanctuaries.

1. Gir National Park, Junagadh

Gir National Park is one of the best places of Gujarat. The wildlife sanctuary in which famous, Asiatic lions reside.

They are the point of attraction of this park for tourists. Hence, it is also composed of other species of flora and fauna.

Another attraction seven major rivers of Gir region – Datardi, Shatranj, Machhundri and Godavari, Raval. As this is the region, where scarcity of water is found in summer.

However, it provides surface water for animals. The flora of the park consists of 400 plants species.

It includes umlo, amli, Sirus, kalam and charal, banyan trees etc. The fauna part of the park includes 38 species of mammals and 300 species of birds.

The fauna includes Indian leopards, Asiatic lion, jungle cat, Chital, Blackbucks and wild boar etc. however, you will find migrating birds in the season of winter here.

You can also enjoys safaries with a beautiful scenic views of the park.

2. Rani ki Vav, Patan

Rani ki Vav was built in the memorial of King Bhimdev Solanki by Queen Udayamati. The architectural style of the structure is Maru – Gurjara.

Rani ki Vav best places of Gujarat

The structure consists of more than 500 principle sculpture, seven levels of stairs. However, it is declared cleanest iconic place of India.

Moreover, the Vav consists of many sculptures related to the devotion of Vishnu, Das Avatars and Apsars representing 16 different styles.

However, this Vav is the significance of the spiritual. As it is considered to collect the water.

Another point of attraction of Vav is stone carved pillars. It has different levels of water in the form of wells.

3. Somnath Temple, Junagadh

Somnath Temple is also one of the best places of Gujarat. The temple is believed to be first among the twelve Jyotirlinga shrines of Shiva.

Somnath Temple, Junagadh best places of Gujarat

This is the main tourist point in Gujarat. The temple was constructed in Chaulukya style of hindu architecture.

The temple is also known as “the shrine of eternal”. However, it is believed that Lord Shiva has appeared as a fiery column of light.

The lingam of this temple represents the beginning of less and endless stambha. The stambha is the symbol of the infinite nature of Shiva.

Moreover, you will find Sanskrit on the sea protection walls of Banastambha.

4. Champaner – Pavagardh Archeological Park

Champaner- Pavagardh Archeological Park is also one of the UNESCO heritage places of India. Hence, it is listed in the best places of Gujarat.

Pavagardh Archeological Park best places of Gujarat

The park was built by Sultan Mahmud Begada. The park has surrounded the city Champaner.

Though park includes various landscapes such as cultural heritage monuments – Chalcolithic and a hill fortress of hindu capitals.

It consists of palaces, mosques, entrance gate, tombs and temples. The Kalika Mata temple also lies in Pavagardh hills which has Hindu shrine importance in the region.

However, the monuments such as sabar ki Masjid, Kevada Masjid are located at the foot of Pavagardh hill.

Moreover, on the southern side, you will see the foundation of Jain temples. The unique construction of the fortress wall built with sandstones. It is connected with bastions having magnificent Balconies.

5. Marine National Park, Jamnagar

Marine National Park is declared as the Marine wildlife sanctuaries. It consists of 42 islands on the coastline of the park.

Merine national park Gujarat

The national park has huge diversities of Fauna such as sponges and corals Moreover, Jellyfish, sea anemones etc.

Though the various species of Prawns and Crabs are also found. Sea slug and pearl oysters are also included.

Large whales such as blue whales and sei whales are also seen. However, whale sharks are rare in the park.

The main attraction of the park is greater Flamingo colony occurs along the Gulf. You will enjoy the amazing nature of marine life.

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6. Saputra

Saputra is hill station one of the best places of Gujarat. It is the main attraction of tourist destinations.


It is located in the dang forest of western ghats. The tranquil offering place which is mostly visited by tourists in winter.

Glancing adorable hills, deep valley catch lots of eyes to visit the place. The adventures spots are also enjoyed in the mountains.

The most attracted spots of the place are honey Bee center, lake garden, rose garden. The picturesque view of mahal forest and Gira waterfall are hillarios. The most awful place is the sunrise point.

7. Dholavira

Dholavira is the Archeological site located in Kutch. The site consists ruins of ancient Indu valley civilization of Harappa city.


However, it is the fifth largest sites of Harappa. It is the representation of ancient civilization lifestyle.

The buildings preserved in the city are built of stones. It is consisting of two water storm channels Mansar and Manhar.

The towering castle and bailey are the places which catch the eyes. Moreover, ten radial mud-brick walls are found.

Soft sandstone sculpture and funerary structures are found such as Terra cotta seals and rings etc.

This is one of the places of Gujarat which has its own deep secrets. It represents the ancient cultures and their lifestyle.

8. White desert – Great Rann of Kutch

Great Rann of Kutch is known as the world’s largest white salt desert. The attractive part of the desert is Ran Utsav.


The Ran Utsav happens between March and November. Camel safaris are enjoyed to see the scenic beauty of the desert.

Sighting the full moon on the salt desert with the taste of their local culture has its significant value. Handicrafts are also done such as embroidery work on clothes in various styles.

9. Vijay Vilas Palace, Mandvi

Vijay Vilas Palace was built by Maharao Shri khengarji. The palace is built of red sandstone.


The architectural style of constructing a palace is Rajput. The stone carvings, magnificent porch, coloured glass jalis, central high dome enlight the beauty of the palace.

The fountains, well-laid gardens with water channels make the night view more beautiful. The portion of the palace is now converted into a resort.

10. Sun temple, Modhera

Sun temple is an Indian shrine dedicated to Lord Sun. The temple is divided into three parts from east to west.


Temple consists prayer hall supported on 52 pillars and Garbhagarh. Modhera dance festival makes it one of the best tourist attractions.


All these best places of Gujarat has its own cultural significant importance. The places offer peace and some amazing art of the ancient time.

The national parks, heritage palaces and forts are magnificent combinations of destinations. Thousands of tourists visit these places every year.

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