10 Best Places to Visit in Turkey

Spending vacay in the beautiful valleys, whoopee nightlife and glancing the architects with astonishing eyes make the best trip of life. Scenic picturesque of mountains and startling natural rock formation is just another fantastic destination to explore Turkey.

The vibrant cultures and history conceal some mysterious stories in the walls of castles. It makes the feel of Roman-era as it has a bunch of ancient cities that depicts the civilization of the Roman period. The best places to visit in Turkey are the heritage walls of the Ottoman, seaside of Marmaris and natural rock formation of Cappadocia.

Best Places to Visit in Turkey

1. Istanbul


Istanbul is the most popular and largest city in Turkey. The city is known for its cultural significance. Over 12 million tourists visit the city every year. The skylines and landscape of the city are just overwhelming to glance at.

It conceals the mystery of history in the heritage walls. The aesthetic beauty of byzantine and Ottoman architects are most attractive in the city. The walls and stones of such buildings depict lifestyles and stories of several people who ruled on it. The place that turns the pages of the cultural history of the ’90s.

One of the most popular attractions is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque known as the Blue Mosque, the wonderful architecture of Hagia Sophia. The art in the Pera museum will just make your eyes stare on a beautiful painting which gives the effect of reality in the surrounding.

The nightlife is an awe-inspiring like the city is covered with golden sparkling. The amazing ancient Topkapi Palace is an impressive royal touch of architecture. it is one of the best places to visit in Turkey.

2. Marmaris


Who doesn’t want to spend vacations at the seaside? We always love serene of the nature and chirping of birds, inspiring rays of the sun and endless boundaries of the sea. Marmaris is a beautiful seaside resort in Turkey.

The white sand beaches and picturesque mountains and an extravagant touch of history in the surrounding make the feel of Paradise. It is also the place of venture which is popular among the tourist for water sports and other adventures. Hence, Marmaris is the most serene place listed in the best places to visit in Turkey.

We often feel to stay away from the crowd and spend some time between the sea. The cruise ships and yacht port is the best thing to explore sea life which takes you away from the rush of life. The bay of the Datca Peninsula is the fun-loving place to visit in Marmaris.

3. Antalya


Antalya is another resort city in Turkey. It is a wonderful view to sight the skylines on the cliffs from the white sand field. The place is a gateway known as the Turquois coast of blue water.

The museum of Antalya consists of a large collection of sculptures and old antiques. The Konyalti beach offers tranquil laid on the pebbly stretch. The sandy white Lara beach rests on the stretch of lighting restaurants with cool bliss of Duden Waterfall.

It is awful to glance white strip of water falling from a peak of cliff. However, you can also enjoy various adventures like hiking, diving and golfing. The light lamps add the colorful spark to street Market Antalya at night. Isn’t it amazing to wander the best place to visit in Turkey?

4. Cappadocia


Cappadocia is known for its rock formations in the monk valley and fairy chimneys. The colorful fantastic sights of natural rock formations often make you astonished. However, the place is just a set of the spectacular scenery of nature and ancient architecture.

A beautiful underground city in Derinkuyu is one of those carving of caves which will make you spend more time around it. The hiking in the rose valley is the best venture of vacations. Mount Erciyes is another adventure sport of skiing with ice-covered mountains.

The famous, Uchisar Castle gives the awe-inspiring look of hot air balloons. The other most popular rock formation is Pasabag. The mushroom-shaped chimney and serene of St. Simon Church is the extravagant beauty of this place.

5. Pamukkale


Pamukkale is also one of the best places to visit in Turkey. The specialty of this place is mineral water flowing downside of the travertine terraces. The best thing is glancing picturesque steep valley of Pamukkale thermal pool in the southwest.

The antique pool formation is one of the major attractions of this place. The history itself landmarks the beauty of this town such as Laodicea on the Lycus. The cotton castle has also a natural park with lots of adventurous activities like boating, swimming in the small lake.

Another place that described some of the mystery of the ancient is the Hierapolis Archeology Museum. The museum preserves old sculptures, paintings, and many objects. Hence, the cotton castle becomes the best place to visit in Turkey.

6. Izmir


Izmir, a vibrant combination of cultural, heritage and nature. The city has lots of Archeological sites which are preserved for many decades. The elegant pearl of the city is clock town resides at Konak Square.

The clock tower is surrounded by palm trees with the white brown ancient walls. The liveliest part of the city is Kemeralti, it is the historical market. Center Izmir synagogues are one of the marvelous beauty of Kemdralti surrounded by six mosques.

Another historical landmark is Asansor which was built for providing public services. Hence, this delightful city is also listed in the best places to visit Turkey.

7. Goreme


Goreme is just another town in the Cappadocia region. It conserves the cave churches of the 10th and 12th centuries. On the southwest side, you can sight amazing Uchisar fortification glances from the top.

The famous view of sighting this rock formation is by hot air balloon. The art of red clays and pottery traditions are those old skills that need to keep with time as a part of traditional practice. Hence, it is one of the best places to visit in Turkey.

The famous frescos in the dark church add more colors to the architects. It has many other attractions such as Elmali Church and Al Nazar Church.

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8. Side


The Side is the also oldest resort town in Turkey. The long beaches laid on the stretch of the Mediterranean coast and Greco Roman ruins are one of the major attractions in the city.

The ancient antique theaters of the 2nd century have a startling beauty. Sighting the Hellenistic temple of Athena from the harbor makes the feel of a white marble castle from the distance.

The tranquil offering seasides are the place that we often look for the best trip. The beaches do not only offer quieter place but also fun-loving places with big resorts and water slides. The collection of side Museum is just awesome.

9. Kayseri


Kayseri is a city of industries but also has a historical monumental significance. However, the city developed with some modern technologies but it always preserves its landmarks of history.

The city is visited by many tourists every year. Another aspect of this city is its venture, trekking in Mount Erciyes, rafting in the Zamanti river. The whoopee place of the city is Mazakaland Eglence Merkezi has a fantastic themed amusement park.

10. Dalaman

Dalaman- best-places-to-visit-in-turkey

Dalaman is the smallest city in Turkey which has a wonderful view of the blue lagoon at Oludeniz. How whoopee it would be to dive into crystal clear water?. The mesmerizing feel of walking in the white field of sand at Kille Koyu. The trip is awful when you sit around a campfire in the field of bushes.

Dalaman has also a historical landmark at Kalynda surrounded by lush green trees. The picturesque scenic beauty of nature at kocagol is serenity. The lush green bushes of the cliff on the edge of the lake are extravagant beauty of Dalaman.

Wrapping up…

Most of the places in Turkey defines civilization and Emporer’s mystery in the walls of every structure. However, the beautiful natural rock formation is just awe-inspiring to glance at the beauty of nature.

The serenity of mountains and spectacular views of the valley makes the vacation more peaceful and relaxing. These cities are the best places to visit in Turkey makes you feel like not overcrowded but to know more about ancient mysteries.