10 Best Places to Visit in United States

In a diverse world, we often find fun-loving and wonderful destinations for vacations. The place which offers serenity in between the rush of life. When it comes to planning a vacation or trip then your mind will blink for the United States for sure.

The country is home for 50 states with varied atmosphere as well as the diverse culture of communities. New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco are famous hot spots for tourism. One of my favorites is New York and San Francisco. 

The silver jewel of northern California, the most iconic Golden gate bridge, beautiful central park catch lots of eyes around the world. Endless and delighting destinations like the United States become overwhelming memories once. 

Best Places to Visit in United States

There are lots of other best places to visit in United States. We will take you to sneak pick of popular destinations in the US.  Wandering the world with such a beautiful and enlightening view is just like exploring the beauty of Paradise.

1. New York


New York is such an amazing destination, it just makes the feel of whoopee. It’s not only to sight a famous Statue of Liberty, the central park but also a vast source of broadway shows. The city is also known for the historic neighborhoods in Radburn.

It’s easy to reach out to every sightseeing place in New York as they reside in proximity. However, it is the most populated city in the United States. The city is famed for its varied events such as fashion, art, entertainment, research, and technology as well. 

The Metropolitan Museum of art is one of the famous museums in the United States. It showcases the collection of historical arts in the era of Egyptian and explores many exhibitions. The streets of Broadway are just like walking in the streets of movies.

The new attraction of New York is Highline, it is transformed from the rail line to trail surrounded by colorful trees and plants. The best season to enjoy this scenery is Spring. hence, this is one of the top listed cities in the best places to visit in United States. 

2. San Francisco


San Francisco is a dreamland for many in the world. It is also the second popular hot spot in the country for tourism. The beautiful enlightening city, San Francisco resides west coast of the United States.

It consists of many picturesque islands which makes the feel of serene around the sea. How will it be if you are told to live in blissful hills for the rest of your life? I am sure, you would also want to run away from the crowd of this world just like me. 

Well, the popular hills of the city are Twin Peaks and Mount Davidson. In the place of tallest skyscrapers around you, makes the feel of a ninth cloud. How amazing to sight Golden Gate bridge with the cover of fog. 

One of the beautiful recreations of the city is the ocean beach which has a view of the house on the sharp cliff. Another popular park in the city is Alamo Square, which is well known for film and pop culture.

So this is one of the best places to visit in the United States. It also exhibits world-class art.

3. Los Angeles


Los Angeles is another popular destination of southern California. It is ranked in global cities index for economic city in the United States. From the Entertainment world to serene beaches, the city exhibits much more of its beauty.

The top attractions of the city are Santa Monico Pier. The place is just wonderful for glancing Santa Monico Aquarium and adventurous roller coaster and beautiful amusement park. In the summer, it runs a lot of whoopee events such as movie screening, huge concerts and many more.

The Hollywood lovers should visit Hollywood Walk of Frame. It is popular among tourist visitors. From sun rays on the sign of Hollywood to Sunset Boulevard, it just gives sneak pick of entertaining world. Another popular amusement park is Universal Studio Hollywood.

The famous museum of Jurrasic Technology exhibits many sculptures that make the feel of reality in surroundings. The awful dining of Los Angeles is China Town which explores the various cuisines of the country. 

4. Miami


Miami, the fantastic place of the United States resides in southern Florida. It is an adventurous destination and popular for beaches. 

Scuba diving at Biscayne Bay, festivals at Bayfront park, amazing sculptures, and paintings in Museum park are some of the major aspects of the city. However, it also includes many islands which are the most favorable destinations of tourists.

The popular festival is Calle Ocho. The entertaining world explores vibrant music and concerts in the Florida Grand Opera, it is a second-largest performing art center in the United States. The Versailles restaurant in Little Havana is best to explore the cuisines for food seekers. Hence, this is one of the awe-inspiring places listed in the best places to visit in United States.

5. Las Vegas 


Las Vegas is a glamorous city of the United States resides in Nevada. It is a resort city known for gambling, dining, entertainment, and glittering nightlife. It is named as Sin City as it is popular for adult entertainment. 

The city has four golf courses which have wonderful park space. It is home for many museums such as Neon Museum, Las Vegas History Museum. The Smith Centre of the performing arts is the major tourist attraction known for Opera, Jazz, chor and dance. 

The other attractions of the city are Grand Canyon, Death Valley National Park, and Hoover Dam. However, it is a glittering city listed in the best places to visit in United States.

6. Washington D.C


Washington D.C is the capital of the United States on the Potomac River. Over 20 million tourists visit the mind-blowing places of this city. 

The beauty of Meridian Hill Park in winter is paradise. The cascading fountains and historical statues are the landmarks of this place. Cherry Blossom Festival is the best scenic time of the city especially to glance Washington Monument.

The popular architects of the city are White House, Washington National Cathedral and many more. The city is overwhelmed with the treasure of the United States this is the reason of being the best places to visit in United States. 

7. Waikiki


Waikiki explores the best landscapes and beaching destinations of the United States. It resides on the beautiful island on the Pacific Ocean. Golden sand beaches of Waikiki is the best tropical destination of summer vacations.

It catches a huge mass of tourists every year because of all we need to chill out on beaches with a glass of mocktail. Lots of eateries and hotels on the beachside to enjoy the view of the sea. This is also the best destination for adventures especially surfing in the waves of the sea.

The picturesque of Diamond Head is extraordinary as it gives a glimpse of the entire city. From the sunrise to sunset, it is awful to spend time near the beaches with family and friends.

8. Orlando 


Orlando is home for several theme parks. It is the best vacation destination for kids as it explores the fantasy world of Disney land. The attractions of the city are Walt Disney land, SeaWorld and Universal Studio.

It is residing in the center of Florida. Who is not a fan of the world of Harry Potter? Golfing is the most popular activity in the city. The bliss of awful lakes and Swamps make your trip delightful.

Night view of glittering Skyscrapers in the downtown of Orlando is just amazing. It is also known for its entertaining world-renowned as “Hollywood East”. It also hosts Florida Film Festivals. Hence, it is another best place to visit in United States.

9. Chicago 


Chicago is well known for its architecture, skylines, and museums. It is residing in Lake Michigan in Illinois. The city attracts over 58 million tourists every year. 

The glance of Millenium park has awe-inspiring green designs. It features Cloud Gates, Crown fountains and Laurie Garden. It also has the world’s largest rooftop garden.

The Magnificent Mile is also the main attraction of the city for its varied architects along Michigan Avenue. The other tourist destinations are the Art Institute of Chicago, Navy Pier, and Wills Tower Skydeck. The sparkling beauty of the landscape and amazed architects made the city listed in the best places to visit in United States.

10. Phoenix 


Phoenix is one of the best winter destinations of the United States residing in Southern West. The city is known for Golfing resorts and spa retreats for the shake of relaxing and refreshments.

It is also the place of ventures such as hiking in the mountains. In the summers, it is not a much-preferred place for trips because of its warm temperature. Scottsdale Mesa is one of the famous places for a Golf resort.

The Desert Botanical Garden is home for varied species of plants and native trees. The nightlife in the city is just awesome with lights and nightclubs.

Final Words

These are one of the ten best places to visit in United States which not only exhilarates but also showcase the wonderful beauty of historic structures and architects. The fantasy world of Disney in Orlando, glittering city of Las Vegas and golden sand beaches of Miami makes vibrant combinations that become major attractions of the country.

One of my favorites is San Francisco and Miami. In the rush of life, we always look for peaceful destinations but full of joy which makes the extravagant feeling.