10 Best Surf Beaches in Florida

The ocean is a peaceful place to immerse yourself among the waves. You can see the never ending line where the water meets the sky and then rolls towards you to wash your feet. But it is even more fun to ride the waves than at the edge of the water.


Surfing is a wonderful watersport to enjoy the experience of riding on the glassy waves of the sea. Well, surfers always search for the destinations with the most consistent spots for surfing. 

Best Surf beaches in Florida 

Florida, the sunshine state of United States which is known for surf beaches and many more outdoor activities. It attracts millions of tourists to visit. It welcomes visitors to have a chilled out glass of wine sitting on the edge of the shoreline. Here, we have mentioned some of the best surf beaches in Florida with the most consistent breaking waves for surfing. 

1. Cocoa beach

In Florida, Cocoa Beach is one of the busiest beaches which attracts tourists for a great surfing experience at Cocoa Beach Pier. It’s just a few miles away from Brevard County. You need to drive straight towards Viera Boulevard then take a left turn from the cloverleaf interchange at Hazelwood on the way to Pineda Causeway. You will be right back to cocoa beach.


The waves on the shoreline are perfect for surfing. Hence this beach is ideal for learners. Cocoa beach is home to the east coast surfing hall of fame. Thousands of surfers participate in many surfing festivals every year and millions of tourists witness this spectacular view at the cocoa beach. 

However, you may have to pay some little penny to park near the beach. But eventually, it is worth to experience surfing and sunbathing at Cocoa beach. You can rent the boats or ride on your own over the shallow water of the shore. Cocoa beach is listed in one of the best surf beaches in Florida.

2. Sebastian Beach 

Sebastian beach, another spectacular surf beach in Florida just a few miles away from the shoreline of Cocoa Beach. Brevard County lines up many beaches however Sebastian inlet is the second-best surf beach in Florida after cocoa beach.


It takes about one hour to reach Sebastian inlet. Just drive straight on the way to palm shore towards Melbourne beach and you will be right back on the Sebastian inlet in 20 minutes. Surfers always find it fun to surf here because the beach has offshore wind that inspires surfers to have a perfect ride over sea waves. 

You can also enjoy fishing here from both the jetties. The alluring landscape of beach and adventurous water sports at the beachside is the main magnet of Sebastian inlet. Anglers will find it exciting to fill their bait with fish on the twin jetty. Hence, this is one of the best surf beaches in Florida. 

3. Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville beach is one of the wonderful coasts of northeast Florida. From the water sports to a golf course, it has much more to offer on the beautiful stretch of beach. If you want to rest, having a glass of mocktail under your umbrella or just putting your headphones on while sighting white-tipped waves of the sea, you may be lost somewhere in the beauty of the beach.


It has a wide variety of eateries on the beachside. The beach is one of the best surf beaches in Florida because it has such a great offshore wave that creates the best condition for surfing the soft bottom of the sandy beach is just perfect to take a tough tumble without any risk of bumping into the reef. It is just so worth it to devote your time to capture the outstanding beauty of the beach. 

4. Flagler beach

Flagler beach is one of the popular surf beaches in Florida. As it is also surrounded by many beaches including St. Augustine and Daytona beaches. You will be amazed to capture the beauty of the palm coast just a few minutes away from the Flagler Beach Pier. 


Your surfing world will not end if you do have a little wind. But the beach has such a glassy condition to surf on the tip of the waves. Flagler beach attracts thousands of visitors every year. For the learners, this is the best place to learn to trick every tumble. 

You can rent a board from the shops on the beachside. Every year, many surfing events are organized at the beach such as Mayday memorial surf classic, surfers for Autism, and Tommy Tant Memorial surf competition.

5. New Smyrna Beach 

New Smyrna Beach is one of the best surf beaches in Florida. It is renowned for its finest wave action on the East coast with the breaking waves to please the expertise surfers. It’s surrounded by many beaches Bethune beach, Canaveral National seashore, and Crawford beach approach. 


However, there is a little shark situation as there are many surf beaches nearby. But the New Smyrna Beach is most performance-friendly with consistent breaks in waves. Lots of surfing contests are held every year by the American Professional Surfing Association.

The other adventurous water sports such as kayaking and paddle boats are just marvelous ventures when you are in the middle of the shore. You can also enjoy the surrounding area’s wildlife as well as natural islands. 

6. Ghetto Pier 

Ghetto Pier is also known as the Daytona Beach pier. Daytona covers the stretch of excellent surf beach on its shoreline. The waves are just perfect to slide over the sea that’s what all surfers look for. Not only surfing but you can also enjoy various water sports such as bike riding on sandy stretches and carnival rides.


For longboard surfers, it is a paradise to ride over the right break. The waves are a little slow to stack up well and make it prime waves in central Florida. Here, you may find difficulty in parking your vehicle but this is just worth spending quality time. Hence, Ghetto Pier is another best surf beach in Florida.

7. Ormond Beach 

Ormond Beach is  just 6 mile away in the north from Daytona beach. The slow peaks of consistent waves are just reliable for new surfers. From kite surfing to windsurfing, all is just best suited on the Ormond beach. 


You enjoy shopping and dining at the beachside restaurants. However, there are many other watersports that can be enjoyed here: swimming, various adventure rides, biking. Hence, it’s best to surf beaches in Florida for learners.

8. Ponce Inlet

Ponce inlet is also on the same shoreline of Daytona beach just a few minutes away in the South. The regular surfer will love the right break landing along the jetty. Ponce Inlet is also known for its tallest lighthouse and marine science center.


It’s just perfect for relaxing on the beachside, jogging, and walking on natural trails. The other watersports will just beckon you to inlets such as Parasailing, fishing, kayaking, etc. The inlet combines serenity, natural wonders, historical sites, and beauty of wildlife.

9. Melbourne Beach 

Melbourne beach is another finest surfing beach listed in the best surf beaches in Florida. The ideal breaks of waves and right swells are just perfect for right and left-handers. The beach is another busiest beach in Florida, attracting many visitors annually.


Other watersports such as scuba diving, fishing, and sailing can also be enjoyed here. The surf industry is located here which becomes one of the magnets to drive many visitors and surfers. The offshore wonder from the northwest makes the ideal glassy condition for experiencing the best surfing.

10. Palm Beach

Surf enthusiasts will love the swell and the destination’s wave. Palm Beach is famous for chilling out on the beachside. Many surfers have appreciated surfing here saying it’s an absolute paradise for water sports. Paddleboarding is another watersports that people love to enjoy on the beach. 


Hence, this is also listed in best surf beaches in Florida. The temperature often drops below 70 however it stays mostly around the 80s. 

Wrapping up

Florida consists of many beaches that are good for surfing but we have mentioned the best surf beaches in Florida which has glassy conditions to surf over the waves. New Smyrna beach’s finest wave action at breaking waves, cocoa beach’ consistent waves, Sebastian inlet’s twin jetty, and sandy stretch of Jacksonville beach are just most attractive to surfers.