10 Amazing Things to do in Canada [Updated]

The fresh pine scent in the white forest of winters; and warm sand of the innumerable coves heated by the summer sun are what we look for while planning the vacations. Well, you may love gliding over frozen valleys and beholding the marvelous view of icy peaks covered by a carpet of the pine. 

Canada, the land of paradise is located in the northern part of North America. The country is home to many species of fauna and marine creatures. You won’t be able to tear your eye away from its wonderful natural beauty. So let’s have a look at the things to do in Canada.

List of Things to Do in Canada [Updated]

#1. Golfing in Banff Spring Golf Club, Alberta

10 Amazing Things to do in Canada [Updated] 1

Banff Spring Golf Club, the most beautiful scenic place to enjoy golfing under the blue sky. For the golfer, it is just a wonderful experience of breathtaking view around their eyes. Although there are many golf courses in Canada, this course is one of the best golf courses with natural beauty.

Golfing surrounds the salubrious white peaked mountains and lush green pine trees on the edge of the lake are the stunning beauty of Alberta. It had nine holes earlier but after years it is expanded to 18 holes which have concealed many traditional links of 19’s.

The scenic golf destination around the snowy mountains became the major attraction among tourists. Especially the 4th hole is known as Devil’s Cauldron which is nestled very steep on the Mount Rundle. Hence, Golfing in the Banff Springs Golf Club is listed in the best things to do in Canada.

#2. Enjoying the whoopee open-air concert in Calgary

Calgary-things to-do-in-canada

Calgary organizes the huge live music concerts every year in Alberta. There are many exciting winter spots in Calgary that offer plenty of extra fun too. From the safari to the penguin walk zoo, from dramas to Opera, hence Calgary is one of the best destinations to visit in winters.

It’s just amazing to feel the beat of the music and dance all around the scenic beauty. Well, if you are searching for the refreshing vacations on majestic land then you have a great chance to get lost in the crowd and enjoy the live music concerts in Calgary.

Its awe-inspiring live music attracts pop artists and world-class bands. Night lights make your feet tap on the beats of beautiful music. This is the most fun thing to do in Canada. 

#3. Trip to Churchill to explore thrilling wildlife

Churchill-things to-do-in-canada

Nature is the beauty of paradise on earth if you are fortunate enough to witness the wonderful sceneries then it’s a blessing. Sightseeing diverse wildlife surrounding the land of paradise is just wonderful.

Churchill, a beautiful town resides in  Manitoba. It is popular for wildlife diversity in between the awe-inspiring nature. It is especially known for Polar bears; that’s why the town is renowned as “ Polar Bear Capital of the World”. The panoramic view of the Churchill River contains sights like the beluga whales and various species of birds. 

How amazing to see the colorful light at the home of stars? Well, It sounds astonishing. you can witness the Aurora borealis at night. A most marvelous sight of the heavens, one of the best things to do in Canada. 

#4. Baffin Island 

Baffin-island-things to-do-in-canada

Baffin Island, another breathtaking destination resides in Nunavut. It is the largest island in Canada. Baffin Island is majorly popular for the migrants’ birds and diverse wildlife of fauna. Its spectacular scenery in between the sea and exploring its marine life are the best things to do in Canada.

The polar bear can be found along Baffin Island. Many predators like Arctic Fox, grey Wolf, and arctic hares reside on the island. Summer migrants are harp seals, Walruses, white whales, and bowhead whales. Hence, sighting diverse marine and wildlife in the winters are the best things to do in Canada.

#5. A glimpse of Toronto Islands 

Toronto-island-things to-do-in-canada

Toronto Islands, the chain of 15 islands nestled in Lake Ontario. It has wonderful scenes as well as lively spots such as amusement parks, parklands, yacht clubs. You can access the island by ferries. 

It will just make every moment of your trip mesmerizing. The place on venture offers a lot more which you haven’t dreamed of. You can also enjoy boating, kayaking, and Canoes. Well, dis golf is the best thing to do in the Toronto Islands. 

It is a luxurious experience to spend time away from the busy world. Islands are one of the best places to go beyond the line of sight. Picnicking, gardens, and water play areas are the places of venture on the chainage.

#6. Scuba diving in Lake Minnewanka 

Lake- Minnewanka-things to-do-in-canada

Lake Minnewanka, the salubrious glacier lake resides in the area of Banff National Park, Alberta. The trip without adventures is just like the sea without waves. Well, you will get a chance to enjoy every venture here such as hiking, mountain biking, boating, and scuba diving.

Exploring the underwater marine is one of the best things to do in Canada. The country offers much more than the beauty of its art and culture. The winter sight on the peak of chains of mountains is just awesome on the land of Paradise. 

#7. Surfing at Long Beach

Long-beach-things to-do-in-canada

In the rush of life, you may want to run away from the crowd just like me. Well, the sea is that tranquil offering place which everyone loves to go and spend the time on the edge of the shore. But the thrilling adventure on the waves of the sea is just marvelous.

Long beach resides on the West coast of Vancouver Island. Surfing is the most popular water sport on the beach in entire British Columbia. Another feature of the beach is rocky islands which can be seen while low tide.

The beach is so family-friendly that you can enjoy the scenic beauty with the glass of mocktail. You will have a huge campground and picnic area. Hence, surfing on a long beach is one of the best things to do in Canada.

#8. Niagara falls

Niagara-falls-things to-do-in-canada

Niagara falls, the chain of waterfalls resides on the southern end of Niagara George. It borders New York and the Canadian province of Ontario. The water of falls carved its path from the dark docks to the Atlantic Ocean. 

The beauty of blue strips of water is awe-inspiring. This scenic view from the boat cruise will raise your trip to another level of fun. The boat trip called “Maid of Mist” is a very popular attraction among tourists.

The panoramic view of these beautiful falls can also be sighted from the Prospect Point and Observation tower. Later, the property was developed which comprised Casino Niagara and luxury resorts on the edge of falls. Hiking is also one of the best things to do in Niagara Falls.

#9. Art Gallery of Ontario


Art Gallery of Ontario is a famous Canadian art museum located in Toronto. It is a large gallery that exhibits European masterworks and Canadian collections. If you want to explore the art and culture of the country then this is the best place to visit in Canda.

To exhibit the various collection of art, the museum also hosts a much-traveling art exhibition. It represents the art collection from the first century to the present. One of the popular works is snuff bottles and Mailboat Landing at Quebec from Thomson collection.

#10. Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral


Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral, the minor basilica located in Montreal. It is famous for exhibiting the 19’s sculptures like a crucifix, the important piece of religion in Quebec. The stunning corner of the church is bishop’s mortuary chapel located on the East wall.

However, there are many spectacular architectures in the church which belong to the ancient era of Rome. The texts dedicated to the glory of God and such inspiring thoughts carved on walls of chapels.

Final words 

From hiking to scuba diving; from waterfalls to surfing on the ocean, the country has much to offer. However, Scuba diving and Golfing are the most popular things to do in Canada. So these are the places you shouldn’t miss if you are having a trip to the land of Paradise.

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