10 Coolest Things in Australia That Might Interest You

Have you ever thought of jumping out of the plane from the awful height? It sounds, a frightening venture of your life, you had ever thought. Well, this sovereign country has many more astonishing ventures to sight the wonderful scenic views. So let’s explore the beautiful and coolest Things in Australia.

What about the whoopee trip on the road of green cover or surfing in the ocean just to run away from the rush of life?. Yes, you may also think to spend time away from the land in between the ocean and having a sip of mocktail or dancing on the slow beat of the music rather than in the crowd and parties. So this destination has a lot more things to offer which you are looking for.

Coolest Things in Australia (A Collection of Curiosity)

Australia, the country of islands gives you various options to explore the different aspects of the country. From the adventurous outdoors to glittering nightlife, from the serenity of beach to the diversity of wildlife are just awe-inspiring parts of the beautiful Sovereign country.

Let’s have a glance at the scenic beauties and venture world in Australia.

Scuba diving in Great Barrier Reef

Great-barrier-reef-coolest-things-in australia

Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef resides on the off coast of Queensland. It is home for many marine species cetaceans, dugongs, various species of fish and whales. However, this is the best spot for scuba divers to explore marine life.

Sighting the vast biodiversity of the sea by liveaboards is just another level of joy. Snorkeling is also the popular activities in the Great Barrier Reef. What about to spend time in between glancing the waves of the endless sea offers blissful serenity.

The largest reef is comprised of many reef systems and beautiful islands surrounded. Other relaxing popular activities on the reef are boating, sailing, and helicopter flip to explore the paranomic view which are the coolest things to do in Australia. This is the best destination to wander another wonderful world.

Whoopee Outdoors in Blue Mountain

Blue-mountains-coolest-things-in australia

The Blue Mountains, the scenic range of mountains located in the west of Sydney. The steepest cliffs and bliss of waterfall is the picturesque view to glance the nature. The three sisters near Katoomba is the most beautiful landmark.

The stairway walking track to the salubrious Jamison valley is just an amazing bliss of morning walk. The marvelous carving of Jenolan Caves and red hand caves in Blue Mountain National Park is the fantastic spots from which you can’t take your eye off.

Well, vacation is just worthless if you haven’t made it adventurous too. So these mountain
ranges also have an awful venture on the list such as hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing. Have you ever tried the dangerous climbing against the flow of water? Yes, you can also enjoy the canyoning on the waterfalls which requires a lot of skills and techniques.

Hence, the Blue Mountains range is one of the coolest things in Australia to explore various adventures and scenic beauty of nature.

Hiking in the Cape Pillar Sea Cliff

cape-pillar-sea-cliff-coolest-things-in australia

The Cape Pillar Sea Cliff, the tallest cliff in the southeast hemisphere towering over 900 feet. If you are a fan of peaceful nature then you must visit the place once. In the first glance from the blue water, it seems there are tall rocks coming out straight from the water.

The line of sea cliffs may seem quite scary but the view is extravagantly wonderful. You may require a two-day trip walking from the Fortescue Bay, and camping in the Wughalee waterfall at night time. Road tracking is one of the popular activities here as they have also developed Three Capes Track on Cape Pillar.

Enjoying the Seacliff view by the boat tour out of historic port Arthur or by hiking on the cape
pillar sea cliff. Hence, the Cape Pillar Sea Cliff is one of the coolest things in Australia to explore the adventurous trip around the sea.

The Waterfront of Darling Harbour

Darling-harbour-coolest-things-in australia

Darling Harbour, one of the major public attractions resides in the center of Sydney. It is just not only the dockyard but also makes the feel of carnival streets. The spot becomes popular for public activities like dining, entertainment, and shopping centers.

This waterfront area is lined up of many attractive spots such as Powerhouse Museums,
Tambalong park. Sydney Aquarium. Sydney Wildlife World to explore the species of fauna and galleries and collection of Museum ships in the Australian National Maritime Museum and also other fantastic activities along the waterfront area of the harbor to enjoy whoopee vacations.

Hence, The dockyard area is one of the coolest things in Australia which comprised of other attractive spots as well.

The Picturesque Beauty of Gippsland Lake

Gippsland-lake-coolest-things-in australia

Gippsland Lake, the stunning spot to experience the various adventures. The awe-inspiring roar of a strip of the waterfall coming out from the black rocks and amazing white sand beach is the fascination of paradise.

The destination is just an icon of serenity and joy to enjoy the beauty of the sea and waterfalls from cliffs. You can enjoy various adventures such as swimming, boating, and fishing, many other aquatic adventures. It offers the chance of glancing water birds, seals, and dolphins by boat tour.

Hence, this is another coolest things in Australia to explore the aquatic adventures.

Surfing in Bondi Beach

bondi-beach-coolest-things-in australia

Bondi Beach, the spectacular coast for surfing in the tropical summer vacations resides in the New South Wales of Sydney. You may look for sunbathing in the white sand of the sea. The beach is the most popular attraction among tourists which drags thousands of visitors every year.

What about walking on the edge of the coast side collecting the seashells dragged by the gradual sea waves? Well, you can have a coast walk from Bondi to Bronte. However, you can also enjoy shopping and dining at restaurants along the coastline.

Hence, shopping, dining of various seafood, and surfing on the waves of the sea are the coolest things to do in Australia.

Kings Park


Kings Park, the Largest inner-city park in the world located in the heart of West Perth. Have you ever thought of enjoying drama under the open sky with a bucket of Popcorn? Well, you will have a bunch of exciting activities, theaters and picnic areas that this park offers.

The largest part of the land is preserved for Bushland and exploring the paranomic view of the Swan River and Darling Range is just awe-inspiring. The park is also the home for many fauna and flora species.

They also host Australia’s largest wildflower show and exhibition at the time of the Kings Park Festival. Botanic Garden is another popular attraction among tourists. Hence, a joyful experience to visit the King’s park is also listed in the coolest things in Australia.

The Pink Lake – Lake Hiller

lake-hiller-coolest-things-in australia

Lake Hiller, the saline lake nestled on the middle island. Have you wondered about the pink color lake? This pink color is due to high salt content with special species of algae. But you can’t always take your eyes off from the beautiful creation of nature this way.

The combination of color like white sand on the edge of the pink lake under the blue sky is just
mesmerizing beauty of the wonderland of Australia. However, the visitor has off-limit to explore the scenic beauty of the lake but you can enjoy the Recherche Archipelago which has many activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

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Federation Square

Federation-square-coolest-things-in australia

Federation Square, the place exhibits the art, culture, and entertainment on the edge of Melbourne. The huge height of the lighting skyline in the night time is glittering picturesque view of the city. Walking on the edge of the riverfront is just awe-inspiring at the end of the busy day.

you can also sight the National Gallery of Victoria which presents a spectacular collection of artworks and paintings. How mesmerizing to sight the flinder street with the amazing architectural beauty of Federation square!

The wildlife of Taronga Zoo

Taronga-zoo-coolest-things-in australia

Taronga Zoo, the wildlife sanctuary conserves many species of fauna. It is home for over 4000 animals of 350 species. However, as we ran away from the race of life to explore the beauty of nature, birds also migrate as the Seasonic change occurs. You will have a chance to sight the colorful various species of birds in the wetland of Australia.

However, from the aquatic species to non-aquatic species, it is alluring to sight the diverse ecology around you in the world of creatures. However, there are shops and restaurants in the zoo for dining. Most popular species like Red Kangaroo, platypus, Australian bush birds and awfulness of reptile world reside in the Sanctuary.

Wrapping up

These destinations not only makes the whoopee feel in the vacations but also offer great relaxation on the tranquil offering beaches. The surfing and snorkeling at the Bondi beach, the joyful beauty of kings park and carnival streets of Darling Harbour are amazing spots to visit in Australia.

The destinations are not just the limit to entertainment but also home for tremendous natural landmarks in the world. These are few coolest things in Australia which you must explore while having a trip to this sovereign Country.

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