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The “land of flowers”, Florida is the most picturesque state in the USA. The reason explores why the destination is famed for the tourist trade and known as “sunshine state”.

The influence of beaches, amusement parks, beautiful islands, and the largest coral barrier reef make your journey amazing with a sense of eternal peace. The exciting places to visit in Florida will make the trip awful.

The state is rich in the fauna and flora ecosystems as well. The families congregate to the beautiful heaven Orlando, peace seekers will move to the coastline such as Daytona and Miami, the sun seekers can even move to southwest Florida such as Florida Suncoast.

The cultural and recreation part of the state is south Florida consisting Everglades, the Florida Keys and Gold Coast, etc. the coral keys archipelago makes the section away from the mainland.

Have you seen the combination of the amazing places with the lot many treasures? Well, this is the place of treasures with the aquatic world as well as the amusement world.

10 Amazing Places to Visit in Florida

There are many exciting places to visit in Florida for exploring its natural and recreation beauties which is the main attraction among the tourists.

Everglades National Park

The Everglade National Park preserves the fragile ecosystems. The wetland is declared as world heritage sites.

The wetland even preserves 36 threatened species, tropical wading birds and mammals, reptiles and hundreds of birds as well as other aquatic species.


The vanished ecosystem of Everglades has been preserved by turning into the national park.

The ecosystem protects first the geological features as well as the flora and fauna natives of the region. The two main sloughs of the national park are shark river slough and Taylor Slough.

Well, the Everglades is also called a river of grass due to marshy plants as well as Sawgrass. The wading birds consists of great blue herons, egrets, snail kites and brown pelicans.

However, the hammock is the common residing part of the animals such as about 50 species of reptiles and amphibians resides in the hardwood hammocks. You can also have a glance of the mammal species such as black bears, red foxes, Florida panther, etc.

Cypress trees grow in the fresh water so basically, their growth provides a nesting area for the bird such as wild turkey, belted kingfisher. The marine life resides in the Florida bay such as sharks, stingrays, barracudas, bottlenose dolphins, shorebirds, etc.

A glimpse of alligator and other species of animals can be seen from the airboat rides.

Kennedy Space Center

For space knowledge seekers, this one is one of the fascinating places to visit in Florida. The complex of the space explores its history.

The Kennedy Space center provides rocket gardens, museums, movies, launch facilities and a bus tour of preparation of shuttle.


The complex is divided into various mission zones featuring many visual displays and specific themes. You will be excited to see all those displays because they are made in such a way to give you engaging experience.

As the bus tour is also available in restricted areas but the closest view is provided from 4 miles away for safety reasons. The tour will make you take a look at the history of launch and other facilities to get one glance of the restricted area.

As this place is the main attraction of tourists, they visit the place on the day trip of Orlando because of the proximity of the center. You can also reside nearer to the space complex for whole day early tour.

Walt Disney World Resort

The Disney world makes you feel of the thrilled of marvellous experience of heaven. The walt Disney world is the amusement park located in lake Buena Vista, Orlando.

When it comes to Disney world, there are not only the children who are curious but also the adults as well as elders gets more excited to visit the place. The Disney world gets millions of visitors every year.


The traditional theme park is grown over so many years including magic kingdom and other attraction of the park.

The four amazed theme parks of the Disney world are The magic kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood studios and Disney’s animal Kingdom.

The place is fun, majestic and fantasy but it is full of crowd. Moreover, it consists of 27 themed resort hotels, 9 non-Disney hotels, two water parks and four golf courses including other recreational venues.

However, there are other theme parks such as Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld Orlando and Busch garden Tampa.

Miami Beach and Art Deco Historic District

The ocean is that peaceful place which seems awful even in any season. The golden sand on the stretch of Atlantic makes the picturesque view.


The add-on beauty of the beach is art deco historic district where the ancient buildings of 19’s are restored and maintained it carefully to keep as the treasure of history.

Due to the historic district, the Miami beach is unique and different than another of Florida’s beaches sight.

The tall building and restaurants on the stretch of ocean, you will see any art deco historic buildings such as the park central hotel, the Carlyle, Hotel Breakwater.

Collins Avenue is also one of the streets which represent the historic building residing on the stretch of Delano south beach and National hotel Miami beach.

The area is also famed for its wild nightlife and hip clubs.

Castillo De San Marcos National Monument

This monument is one of the oldest ancient architectural structure representing the treasure of history. This is one of the best historical places to visit in Florida.


Castillo De San Macros is oldest for in America which is declared by the National Park Service. However, St.Sent Augustine historical sites are built in the 19th century and The oldest masonry fort was built in the 17th century.

The coastline view adds the beauty of the fort and historical which are preserved and maintain well.

Oversea Highway

The overseas highway is spectacular construction which connects the Florida Keys with the mainland. The long-stretched highway was constructed in the ancient time of the 19th century.


However, the highway was an earlier railroad that extended from key west to the coastal railway. Visitors get the marvelous view tropical environment to the coral reef mainland.

Moreover, you can also have a glance of American alligator, American Crocodile and key deer on islands. The 181.9 km long stretched highway is also known as US highway 1.

The most popular overseas bridge is also featured in the many films such as Fast and Furious, True Lies and Mission Impossible II.

The 80-foot bridge built off on Sugarloaf key to blow up the iconic scene.

Destin, The fishing Village

Destin is the best places to visit in Florida which is well known for the white beaches. Lush green emerald water makes the picturesque view of the sight.

The city is famed as the small fishing village which is gradually turned into the best tourist destination. The village has the largest fishing vessel fleet.

Annually millions of tourists visit the Destin for charter the fishing vessel from the harbor. The city is having access to 12 beaches which connects to Santa Rosa Island.

The white sand comes from the mountain will give the quartz crystal look such as Sugar. There are many events organized yearly including Destin Seafood festival.

In the festival, the local artists gather and delicious seafood gets served in the month of October every year. Many high-rise Condominiums, hotels, motels give massive look to the city.

There are many surrounding beaches which will attract the tourist’s eyes such as Grayton Beach, Rosemary beach, Navarra beach, Pensacola Beach.

The John and Mable Ringling museum of Art

The amazing art collection of the museum is one of the best places to visit in Florida. The art collection consists of amazed paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints and photographs of the ancient era.

The museum contains art museum, Ringling Manson, magical circus museum. The historic theater is also restored with museums.


The architectural structure Ringling consists of the rose garden, Ca’ de’ zen, Wisconsin and Ringling art library. The manson is the center for cultural life in Saratosa.

The art library is open for public and visitors can use the reading room to see the materials. The Ringling collection can be showcased in the special exhibition.

The Barnum and Bailey circus in the museum is famed as the world’s largest miniature circus.

SeaWorld Orlando

The most awful theme park and marine Zoological park resides in Orlando, Florida. The theme park has various live shows, rides and animal exhibits.


The major attraction of the park is Manta and Arctic as well as animal exhibits The marvelous trained animals are exhibited lively including Dolphin theater, Decide Grill, Seaport theater and Shamu Stadium.

Another attraction is Aquatica Orlando which is a great chain of water parks. The rides are thrilling consisting of high speed Mako roller coaster, Atlantic water journey of coaster rides is amazing to experience.

Busch Garden

Busch Garden is most attractive tourist destination resides in Tampa. Many species of mammals, Birds and other marine resides in the theme park.

Visitors can also view the wildlife park by taking safaris. The other tours willgive a close look to tigers and elephants.


The live animals are also exhibited which is amazing activity of the theme park. The fast coaster rides is famous ride for the children.


The aweful best places to visit in Florida will amaze you by marvellous experience. The beauty of Ringling rose garden and C’de’zen will outstanding appearance.

The ancient museum art galley, the small fishing village with white sand and magical beauty of Walt Disney world of Orlando rich species of flora and fauna preserved in wetland of Everglades will make your journey memorable.

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