10 Largest Cities in Spain (land of The Setting Sun)

The kingdom of Spain lies in southwestern Europe. From the snow-capped mountains to the white sandy beach, it has many more to make your trips best and picture-perfect. The cities in Spain does not only popular but also flaunts its historical significance and some ancient style architectures. 

Bustling streets of the old town and delicious cuisines in the festival make the whoopee experience of your trip to Spain. Let’s have a look over the largest cities in Spain and their special traits.

Let’s explore the largest cities in Spain

1. Madrid


Madrid is the most populous city in Spain comprising 3.3 inhabitants. It is an economic and cultural center of the country. However, the city has influenced every aspect from entertainment to education renowned as the world’s major global cities.

The city does not only have the modern infrastructure but also preserves many historic architectures of the medieval period. It has also protected Spain’s historical archives and ancient art. One of the popular museums in Madrid is Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Prado Museum, and Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum. It has got millions of international tourists every year. 

Madrid has also conserved its cultural significance in Fine art circles which is Madrid’s Oldest art centers host shows and film screening and exhibitions. The natural beauty of the city is El Retiro and Parque De El Capricho which are most visited public parks in the city. Hence, it is one of the largest cities in Spain.

2. Barcelona


Barcelona, the city on the coast of northeastern Spain which is the second-largest city in Spain. It has a population of about 1.6 million. Barcelona is the cultural heritage center and the most popular tourist destination. It is home to the world’s most famous football club.

Bustling trading markets, extraordinary ancient architectures, whoopee nightlife, and delicious seafood cuisines are amazing traits of Barcelona. The white sandy beaches and natural wonders of the city are stunning creations to explore the beauty of the city.

Barcelona has rich cultural roots that perceive the value of its treasure. The performing art centers and theaters exhibit the value of their culture. One of the most popular opera houses is the Gran Teatre del Liceu. Along with various aspects, the city has a long sporting tradition and hosted many international Olympic events.

If you keenly like to explore the mysterious stories of the city then you can visit the old city center Barri Gotic. The spectacular ancient landmark of the city is Modernisme. The city attracts 5.5 million visitors every year. Hence, it is one of the largest cities in Spain.

3. Valencia


Valencia, the third-largest city of Spain, situated on the bank of Turia. It is renowned for the historical monuments and cultural values which makes it the most popular tourist destination in Spain.

Since the city has many mysterious stories concealed on the walls of ancient architecture including the Cathedral of Valencia, Llotja de la Seda, and Museu de Belles Arts de València. The Turia garden is just a fun-loving place for every age. To explore the wildlife of the country, you can also visit Valencia Bioparc. It’s fun to enjoy the Spanish omelet with a glass of mocktail on the beachside of Mlavarrosa. 

It hosts the biggest festival called Falles that is the enduring tradition of the city. The festival is for 5 days starting from 15 March to 19 March every year. Valencia is also a popular destination listed in the biggest cities in Spain.

4. Seville

10 Largest Cities in Spain (land of The Setting Sun) 1

Seville is another famous city in Spain situated on the lower reaches of the River Guadalquivir. It has a population of around 1.5 million known as the fourth-largest city in Spain. The old town of Seville is recorded in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city also boasts for the major tourist attraction destinations in Spain. It receives about 2.5 million tourists every year. Some of the well-known landmarks of the city are Torre del Oro, city hall, and Alcazar. There are lots of spectacular art collections in the Museum of Fine Arts of Seville which has preserved many masterworks of the 15th century. Seville combines such a rare aspect that features the art and culture of the city hence it is also one of the largest cites in Spain.

5. Bilbao


Bilbao, the city in northern Spain comprises population 875,552. It is the fifth-largest city in Spain. The city is surrounded by salubrious mountain ranges. As Spain has a long tradition of popular sports, Bilbao is also home to the Football Club, Athletic Club de Bilbao.

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is a popular destination to capture many modern and contemporary art designs depicting its cultural values. The modern architecture of the city is Zubizuri, a foot-over bridge over Narvion River. It is the symbol of the city’s evolution. Church of Sant Anton is an ancient Catholic temple in the old town of Bilbao. Hence, Bilbao is listed in the largest cities in Spain.

6. Malaga


Malaga, one of the biggest cities in Spain lies on the coast of the sun. The population of Malaga is about 571,026. The history of the city alive from over 2000 years, renowned as one of the oldest cities in Europe.

There are many traditional festivals celebrated from the last five centuries such as Feria de Agosto features Spanish culture and history with delicious feasts. The city attracts 6 million tourists every year. Tourist seeks to sight the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, Carmen Thyssen Museum, and beaches in the city. The other popular tourist’s destination is Sagrario Church, Mount Gibralfaro hill, Alcazaba Castle, and many more.

7. Gijon – Oviedo – Aviles


Gijon-Oviedo-Aviles is the city in Asturias, Spain. However, these three individual cities combine and make one of the largest cities in Spain. The popular beach near the city is Salinas. The city has a rich cultural significance.

The Romanesque style architectures of the 13th century, medieval architectures, Museums, and art collection, various styled sculptures trace the historical traits of the city. The popular destination in the city includes Alfercam Museum, St. Thomas Canterbury Church, and Camposagrado palace.

8. Alicante – Elche


Alicante and Elche both urban areas combine and make the city one of the largest cities in Spain. The combined population is about 793,000. It is home to the popular Football sports clubs. 

Palmeral of Elche nests 200,000 palm trees which is recorded as UNESCO world heritage sites. The Altamira castle of the 12th century will astonish you by revealing the mysteries of the city. Other famous destinations are Banos Arabs, Calahorra Tower, and Basilica of Santa Maria.

9. Las Palmas


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the capital of Gran Canaria is one of the biggest cities in Spain. The city is known for its beaches. If you are planning for a sunny break in holidays then this is the best destination to chill out on beachside or to enjoy watersports on the white-tipped waves.

The historical architectures preserved in the old town, Vegueta including Casa de Colon and Santa Ana Cathedral. The most popular beach in Las Palmas is Las Canteras beach situated in the heart of the city. The other most attractive spot is Poema del mar aquarium. And if you just want to explore the entire city on a day trip then you can enjoy your trip from the Hop-on-Hop-off bus. 

10. Zaragoza


Zaragoza, the capital city of Zaragoza province lies by the Ebro river in Spain. It is also one of the biggest cities in Spain. The city is treasured with its rich heritage of the 12th century and cultural attractions.

Ancient Moorish palace, spectacular architecture of San Pablo, and Basilica of our lady of the pillar are incredible landmarks of the city. The largest freshwater Fluvial aquarium lies in Zarazoga comprising over 350 aquatic species and 5000 animals.


The largest cities in Spain do not only Populus cities but also have a rich culture and heritage. It just excites tourists to explore the historical stories of the 12th century on the walls of old towns. Historical archives in Madrid, rich cultural roots of Barcelona, the traditional festival of valencia and fine art collection in Seville represents the most exciting features of Spain.

So, when are you planning to explore the beautiful ancient architecture in these cities? You can write to us about your plan, it would be amazing to hear from you 🙂

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