10 Tallest Buildings in Europe

The continent of Europe is dotted with historical monuments and other relics of past but it also has many marvels of modern engineering. Some of these buildings span hundreds of meters in height and are truly a sight to behold.

Here we present to you a list of the tallest buildings in Europe. Take a note of their locations so you could see them up close if you visit them. Please let us know in the comments what you think.

List Of Tallest Buildings In Europe

1. Mercury City Tower, Moscow


You can find Mercury tower in Moscow in the International Business Center. It is not hard to discover, unlike other skyscrapers, Mercury Tower is clad in bronze tinted reflecting glass as opposed to the normal silver glass. It gives the appearance of basking in last light of an eternal sunset. It is 338 meters high, one of the tallest buildings in Europe. .

2. The Shard, London


The shard, standing at 306 meters, is located in London, near the Thames river. It contains offices, hotel rooms and businesses. The five star Shangri-la is also housed in The Shard. The tapering structure offers efficiency and creates a unique skyline of the city of London. The apex of the building has a panoramic 360 degree view of the city.  

3. Skyland İstanbul


Skyland Istanbul complex is one of the tallest building in Europe at 284 meters tall. It is located in Istanbuol, capital of Turley. The complex has three structures, one each for housing, hotel rooms and office work.

4. Commerzbank Tower, Frankfurt


commerzbank tower is the tallest building in germany at 300 meters. It is an elegant structure that serves as the headquarters of the Commerzbank AG. It is located in Frankfurt and presently owned by Samsung.

5. Lakhta Tower


Russia has stepped up its skyscraper building activities and Lakhta Tower is proof of that. Lakhta Tower is the tallest building in Europe at a massive 462 meters, looming in the skyline of Lakhta, Saint Petersburg. The building will provide space for business activities, office work and entertainment for the public, ushering fresh economic activity. It has a beautiful stylish structure shaped like quite a bit like a bullet.

6. Torre Cepsa, Madrid


if you travel to Madrid and explore the Cuatro Torres Business Area, you will see the Torre Cespa. It is 248 meters tall and is owned by the oil company Cespa. It has a really unique shape like an arch and is designed to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

7. Unicredit Tower, Milan


the Unicredit Tower in Milan is one of the tallest building in Europe at 231 meters. It is completely covered with reflective glass and has a spire filled with LEDs. It is the headquarters of Unicredit, the largest bank of Italy.

8. DC Tower, Vienna


Vienna is a beautiful city in Austria, filled with historical buildings but amidst it all sits the DC Towers, a multipurpose structure of modern architectural design. It contains five star hotels, restaurants, shops, clubs and offices. It is a modern landmark of Vienna. It has a height of 250 meters.

9. Tour first


Tour First is located in Paris, France. It has a height of 225 meters making it the tallest building in France. Tour First is clad in steel and glass in the metropolitan district of busy Paris, giving a very classy feel. It is one of the tallest buildings in Europe.

10. Allianz tower


Allianz Tower located in Milan, Italy and is quite a remarkable building. The building is very thin, almost like a biscuit wafer, nonetheless, it is completely structurally sound and safe. The design is also a proof of the ingenuity and engineering technique that went into building the Tower. It has a height of 249 meters and is unique landmark of Milan.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the many tall superstructures in Europe. They exhibit the latest trends of architecture and civil engineering that make these buildings a true marvel to behold. We hope you have enjoyed this list we have compiled for you.