15 Best Places to Learn To Surf

Spent a long while being at home? Well, it’s time to explore some destinations and learn a fantastic adventure sport – SURFING. While it might seem tough, but it is all about balance and a perfect place where you can begin with.

Novice surfers have to find a spot that is less crowded and has gentle waves before proceeding for challenging breaks. Surfing along with four other sports has found its way into the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. So let’s check out the best places to learn to surf from across the globe.

List of Best Places to Learn to Surf

1. Bali, Indonesia

A destination offering bargain hostels and appealing clubs with a lot many surfing schools. Bali is one of the best places to learn to surf for budget-minded travelers. The water temperatures are fairly pleasant all around the island.

1.1 Kuta Beach

Kuta is the most famous beach in Bali for a newbie to learn surfing. Besides Kuta, the beaches of Canggu, Padang Padang rights, Balangan, and Dreamland are also preferred by the beginners. Seminyak is a little expensive but idle for beginners. So pick up a board and get set go!

2. Costa Rica

2.1 Nosara Beach

The abode of pure life or ‘Pura Vida’ as the Costa Rican’s would call it, the tropical paradise with its long and wide sandy beaches is one of the best places to learn to surf. The water is warm all around the year. The beginner-friendly beach breaks at Nosara are worth exploring.

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Also check out the beaches – Tamarindo, Santa Teresa, and Puntarenas. Costa Rica is a very beautiful tourist place and there are endless possibilities to explore there…

3. Spain

Spain surf trip is an answer to beginners’ dilemma of the best place to learn to surf. The sun-kissed summers and its consistent beach breaks attract surfers.

3.1 Zarautz Beach

When thinking of surfing in Spain, San Sebastian is the first place that comes to the mind, though the country has many other options. The surfing capital of Spain – Zarautz, is located very near to San Sebastian.

The next beginner surf beaches of Spain include Somo Beach, La Zurriola, Razo, and Sopelana pumping out the perfect waves.

4. Hawaii

The invention of surfing in Hawaii dates back to 4 A.D and during that time it was considered as a royal sport. Hawaii is home to the best places to learn to surf in the U.S. and even across the world.

4.1 Waikiki beach

Oahu island of Honolulu offers great waves. A child takes birth in a surf suit here. Waikiki beach of Oahu has gentler waves to start with.

The frosty swells of Maui, several surf breaks for beginners as well as experienced surfers at Kauai adds to the list of best surfing spots in Hawaii.

5. New South Wales, Australia

5.1 Main Beach

The hustle and bustle in the town of Byron Bay is because of its glorious beaches, its colorful nightlife, and most importantly its amazing beaches. The perfect point breaks at the Main Beach are ideal for beginners.

5.2 Thirroul Beach

An hour away from Sydney, the Thirroul beach of Wollongong is a preferable spot for learners. What’s the wait then?  Get enrolled in surf schools and camps around here to get the best surfing experience in Australia.

6. South Africa

6.1 Dolphin Beach

J Bay or Jeffrey’s Bay as they call it has a lot of shops to get equipped with the surf gears. Start with the Dolphin Beach to catch your very first experience as a beginner. And there’s always a chance that you might encounter friendly dolphins in there!

6.2 Muizenberg Beach

Muizenberg, famous for its Great White sharks is a suburb of Cape Town where surfing first originated in South Africa. Other than surfing you can go hiking, safari, and even whale watching.

7. California, USA

California is a surfer’s paradise, and hence best to catch the surfing bug.

7.1 San Onofre Beach

San Onofre to the south of San Clemente offers an authentic surf lifestyle. The locals are quite friendly, no quarrel for a wave.

7.2 Huntington Beach

Make a trip to Huntington Beach, catch a wave, and visit the International Surfing Museum to boost up your knowledge of surfing.

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8. Sri Lanka

A country with a huge density of biodiversity, also known for its calm sandy beaches. The waves here are long and gentle, not very high.

8.1 Arugam Bay Beach

Arugam Bay in the east pumps out those soft waves that can attract novices. Visit the bay between July – September and get an awesome surfing experience.

8.2 Weligama Beach

Weligama in the south is easy to be surfed by beginners. It is a shallow sandy beach of some 2 km stretch. The small and consistent waves plus several surf schools are a perfect combo for surfing.

What’s more..it is totally budget-friendly.

9. Portugal

9.1 The beaches of Lagos

The welcoming beaches of Lagos with its warm waters are the best places to learn to surf. Its excellent coastline, glorious beaches, gorgeous backdrop, spectacular culture, and brilliant food are a major attraction for tourists. You can patiently learn at your pace here and work up your courage.

10. Morocco

10.1 The beaches of Taghzout

Located on the Atlantic coast, Taghzout is a small town in Morocco where surfing started 50 years back. It has pretty mellow waves for novices. Also, the place is very budget-friendly. The city is the center of Moroccan culture. There are a lot of surf camps here.

11. Philippines

11.1 Siargao Islands

The Philippines is a tropical paradise out there. The incredible views, warm water, and amazing waves are a great combo in Siargao Islands for a newbie surfer. Though the Filipino wave is not meant for beginners, it is a great adventure for the experienced surfers.

12. Montauk, New York

12.1 Ditch Plains Beach

Get on your gears and get ready to explore the vast ocean and limitless beaches of Montauk, New York. You can find consistent waves at Ditch Plains where you can get your lessons and tips from surf camps. Start early in the morning to the streaks of sunlight and calm winds and suit yourself to the sport. Montauk 8th best surfing spot in the USA. Do not get attracted to crowded areas, choose some secluded breaks and you are good to go. 

13. Florida

There is no comparison between the top surfing spots like that of Hawaii and Australia, but here the allure is because – Florida, the Sunshine State is a combination of great weather, easy-going beaches, and warm waters. This makes the town an attractive destination for surfers.

13.1 New Smyrna Beach

The stretch of New Smyrna Beach is more than 17 miles with consistent breaks, which makes it the best Surf town in America.

13.2 Cocoa Beach

The Cocoa Beach of Florida delights beginners with its tame waves and warm breeze. You can also visit the Florida Surf Museum to explore a new side to surfing. Hence, the beach offers all the amenities necessary for a surfer.

Ohh wait..what were you thinking? There is surfing just outside of India. The answer is NO. Our homeland has got some of the best places to learn to surf. So let’s discover some pretty interesting surfing spots.

14. Kerala

14.1 Kovalam Beach

Surfing always seems fascinating. And getting to learn it in India itself, that too at the cheapest rates is possible in Kovalam. The waves break both left and right. Kids practically are born with wetsuits here. The local kids are taught surfing with the condition of – “No school, no surfing” thereby raising the literacy rates of the area. The instructors at the Kovalam Surf Club are mostly locals, hence very familiar with the area giving you the best surfing experience.

15. Karnataka

15.1 Gokarna Main Beach

The serene beaches, the picturesque temples exhibiting culture in its pristine form can be found in Gokarna. The long beach having Cocopelli Surf School is the best location to learn surfing. The clean blue waters and the pleasant currents provide the best waves suitable for beginners. The post-monsoon period from October to May is the best time for novices to learn surfing.

Wrapping Up

The list does not end here. There are a lot of other options available out there to learn surfing. But the above list is the package of all the best places to learn to surf. If given a choice do choose a place from the locations to mention above to get the perfect and memorable surfing experience.

I hope the article helps you to choose your places wisely and experience the best waves for the first time itself.

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