5 Most Silent Rooms in the World

Have you ever heard the sound of silence? Or Will you believe if someone tells you that you would be able to hear your heartbeat and sensations of your body in one room?. It might seem unbelievable to you. But in this mysterious world, there are places that exist which make your mind go completely blank. These are rooms so silent that even the sound of blood flowing in your veins can become deafening.

In the sensational world, if you can manage to feel your spatial awareness completely dissolving, then that experience will be beyond description. These most silent rooms in the world can make you feel that you have become almost one with the sound of emptiness inside that room after you enter it.

So We are listing the most silent rooms in the world where the silencis so pervasive that no human can stand it for more than 45 minutes. So profound is the silence that the human ear can pick up the sounds of their own lungs inhaling and exhaling oxygen.

Most Silent Rooms in the World

1. Anechoic Chamber at Salford University, Manchester

Anechoic-chamber- Salford- most-silent-rooms-in-the-world

This Anechoic chamber is situated at Salford University, Manchester. They have clearly mentioned the purpose of this chamber that it is utilized for the product’s performance, testing the acoustics in an ideal condition. However, they have also used to measure the person’s hearing threshold.

Careful attention is required to design it effectively rather than analyzing the applications of the chamber. Two doors of a chamber with rubber seals are used to prevent airborne sounds. The walls, ceilings, and floors are isolated with absorbing materials to minimize the sound from foundations. Hence, this is the best place for those people who want to experience absolute silence..

The noise level measured in the chamber is -12.4dB. This chamber at Salford is also listed in the most silent rooms in the world.

2. Anechoic chamber at Orfield Laboratories


Another Anechoic Chamber is situated at Orfield Laboratories in South Minneapolis, United States. This room becomes intolerable to remain in in a short time. From your footsteps to your lungs, everything will be audible to you once you enter into these most silent rooms in the world.

You can’t imagine that the room is 99.99 percent sound-absorbent made up of double walls of insulated steel, foot thick concrete, fiberglass acoustic wedges. The founder and president of the company, steve Orfield could stay inside for 30 minutes, could hear his mechanical heart valve.

Imagine, if you could hear the motion of every organ inside your body, its like you are in one of the absolute silent places in the world. The noise level measured in the room is -9 dB. One reporter could stay in the room for 45 minutes which became the world record.

According to Orfield, entering into the quietest room after coming from the outer environment is quite hard. Because your ears can’t suddenly perceive the absolute quietness. this room can make you lose your balance in just a few minutes. Since the application of this chamber is to measure the audio equipment, this Lab attracts many businesses and products such as automotive part, Sleep apnea machines, appliances, and computers. Hence, this anechoic chamber is also registered in Guinness World Record.

3. Anechoic Chamber at Microsoft’s Headquarters


Anechoic Chamber is situated at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington. The room with the absolute zero sound will cause your ears to ring and make very faint sounds clearly audible. Usually, our ears are subjected to sounds reflected by surrounding walls. But after entering into this chamber, the air pressure on your eardrums will be zero as there is no sound reflection by the surrounding wall.

The room is isolated from the surrounding buildings, made up of six layers of concrete, fiberglass wedges on the floor while the walls and ceiling absorb the sound completely. It is astonishing fact that every nook and corner of this room is isolated with sound-absorbing material such as fire alarm sensors and sprinkler supply pipes.

The designer has previously detailed the planning of this Anechoic Chamber below six levels deep. Eventually, the noise level measured in the room went negative below the average Threshold of human beings. It measured -20.3db. You must experience once in your life because this chamber is open to the public and it ultimately became a tourist attraction.

The anechoic chamber is basically used to measure the sounds and noise coming from the products. Microsoft utilizes this chamber for testing audio equipment such as speakers, microphones, headphones. Moreover, this Anechoic Chamber is the most silent room in the world registered in Guinness World Record.

4. Hemi Anechoic Chamber, China


The Hemi Anechoic Chamber is designed by Dongguan Jinghuan environment equipment. However, they have also designed a full anechoic chamber. The basic difference between Hemi and the Full anechoic chamber is acoustic treatment on the wall, floor, and ceiling. In the case of the Full anechoic chamber, acoustic treatment is applied on walls, ceiling, and floor while in the case of hemi, it is only applied on walls and ceilings.

No wonder, we are now quite familiar with how and for what the most silent rooms in the world works. But you may want to enter that room once just to see how it actually feels.It is an incredible experience as well as a great educational visit. Just like other anechoic chambers, this Hemi chamber is designed for specific purposes to test automobiles and construction equipment.

The noise level measured in the chamber is -10dB with control on humidity and temperature. However, this chamber is only for testing purposes, not for exploring. The walls, ceilings are isolated with acoustic treatments.

5. Binnig and Rohrer Nanotechnology Center at IBM Research Zurich


Binnig and Rohrer Nanotechnology Center are built on the collaboration of IBM research and ETH Zurich. You won’t believe the fact that this center has six quiet rooms. However, this center is made to experiment for the movement of atoms on the molecule.

To analyze and movement of an atom requires no physical vibrations in the surroundings. For that purpose, IBM has opened this Binning and Rohrer Nanotechnology Centre. The rooms are shielded for vibrations and outside noise. The six rooms are completely devoid of the physical vibrations, acoustic waves, and electromagnetic radiation. However, every room is set on different nanometer-scale experiments.

Basically in this center, rooms are constructed on the bedrock which ultimately reduces the outer noises and walls are cladded with the aforementioned nickel-iron alloy. The noisy ancillary components are placed away from the experiments. All the rooms are lined with acoustically absorbent material. Hence, this center is also list in the most silent rooms in the world.

Final words

If you want to experience the sound of silence then you must visit these most silent rooms in the world. It may sound crazy that after entering into the darkroom, you couldn’t even stand for a few minutes. But it’s true, many lose their balance just in a few seconds after entering into these quietest rooms.

Microsoft’s Anechoic chamber is open for all and made the mark of popular tourist attraction. However, the Anechoic chamber at Orfield Lab and IBM Research Zurich are not open for all as they were made for a specific purpose. Hemi Anechoic chamber and the Anechoic chamber at Salford University are also another specific purposed example of most silent rooms in the world.