6 Best Beaches In Goa To Inspire Your Journey

India is worshipped with its enchanting beaches. Goa is one of those destinations which is famous for its fun-loving and peaceful beaches, resides on the unbroken stretch.

The Best Beaches in Goa lay on the coastline of North Goa. The coastline extends from North of the fort up to the borders of Maharashtra.

The view of sizzling sunset, glittering markets, and glance of wonderful aquatic life come together at one place. That anyone can have the curiosity to glance and feel the eternal peace of nature.

6 Best Beaches in Goa…

Here, the Best beaches in Goa have been mentioned which have a beautiful scenic view with warm-hearted peace.

#1. Baga Beach

The Baga beach is one of the best beaches in Goa. The destination which is best for family day outs.

The place of relaxation with drizzling wave sound and bustling sunset make your day out perfect. The beach is known for stunning night sight delicious seafood.


The beach parties are the add-on of this scenic view. It is famed banana rides, parasailing as well as dolphin cruises.

The high tide narrow beach have shacks and fishing boats.

However, the beach is full of crowd, dancing of the soft and trance beats of music. So for people who enjoy the crowd dance on the beach side. This beach is perfect to visit.

Beach is well known for authentic seafood and drinks with an enjoyable atmosphere. This will make people more excited to see the lightening view of beachside.

#2. Sinquerium Beach

The spectacular stretch of the beach is 13 km away from the Panji residing on the unbroken stretch including Candolim to Calangute and Baga beach.

The Sinquerium beach is consisting of golden sand with a beautiful sea view. Though you can also see the Aguada fort which is the add-on scenery.


The beach is one of the best beaches in North Goa having various rides and other adventures. The adventure also includes the windsurfers, water skis, and other water toys.

The natural inwards of the curve of the beach make it a place to tread more into the water safely.

The food stalls at the sea line make the evening more delightful after exhausting form water sports.

The thousands of tourists visit especially for enjoying water rides such as snorkeling, banana ride, and parasailing.

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#3. Anjuna Beach

The less sanded beach, Anjuna is 22.2 km from the Panji residing between the most popular Baga beach and Vagator beach. The stretch is full of rock outcrops.

The Anjuna Beach explores rock formation with swaying palm trees in the golden sand. The unique appearance of natural red laterite rock formation gives the massive look.


The combination of high sea waves and sunken rock formation makes a picturesque appearance. However, Anjuna Beach gets more mass of the people for beach parties on the trance music.

Beach parties are enjoyable on full moon night. It is also famous for wild rave parties. You can also visit the flea market to buy funky jewelry, mementos, etc.

#4. Candolim Beach

The Candolim beach is one the best beaches in Goa which is known for the scrubbed sand dunes.

The people who look for the rejuvenation, fun, and serenity, this place holds much more importance.


Like other beaches, it has also various water sport as well as adventures.

You can also enjoy the wonderful aquatic world by taking a boat trip where you can spot dolphins and crocodiles.

People enjoy most water sports such as jet-skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, banana rides, and bumpy rides.

Most of the popular water adventure of Candolim beach is diving. The underwater diving makes the feel of the existence of another marine life where you can spot sharks, turtle, and barracuda.

Every year, the sunburn festival is celebrated with electronic dance combining with fun-loving activities.

The attraction around the beach gives add on effect on the beach side. However, the best time to visit the beach is from November to May.

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#5. Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach is nine miles away from the Panji. The beach is a real attraction among tourists.


The beach is also known as “Queen of the beach”. The place itself the ocean paradise which brings the beauty of heaven having palm trees and coconut trees.

Like other best beaches in Goa, it has water adventure sports such as kayaking, parasailing, fishing, and windsurfing, etc.

The night view with cool clubs surrounded by restaurants and shops selling Goan apparels makes its position in one of the best beaches in Goa.

However, here the most enjoyable adventures are parasailing and water scooter rides including other activities such as banana ride, catamaran sailing, surfing, and paragliding.

#6. Morjim Beach

Morjim Beach offers peace and serenity. This beautiful sight is surrounded by restaurant and cottage for relaxation.


Though, the beach is known as Little Russia as more Russians people reside at this place. It is famed for olive Ridley sea turtle.

The peaceful beaches are also having a few water adventure sports. The close view of dolphin by swimming in the deep sea, diving for seagull and glancing beautiful water birds have inhabitance here.

Wrapping up…

India consists of many beaches at its coastline of Arabian sea. However, the best beaches in Goa provides serenity and peace which most of the tourists crave for.

The sunburn festival is celebrated for three days in December every year. The festival grabs more eyes to visit the beaches.

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