6 Best National Parks in New Zealand

New Zealand, a Sovereign Island country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The country has around 600 smaller islands and two main islands- the North Island and south island.

The neighboring country Australia is on the east across the Tasman sea. The National Parks in New Zealand is an exceptional destination to explore this wonderland of the islands.

How about to spend time amid the wilderness surrounded by alpine mountains and lakes. Well, the country has preserved its ancient culture and natural landscapes.

The country of islands is a beautiful gift of nature comprising the salubrious valley of rivers, highest snow-capped rugged mountains, and pleasing lakes.

What to explore in the National Park?


National Park is a park that is used for conservation purposes that are created and protected by the national government. it is basically used to reserve the natural or semi-natural things along with the endangered species of flora and fauna.

It mainly aims to preserve the natural environment along with its ecosystem. Salubrious mountains, pleasant valleys, and lakes surrounded by various species of flora and fauna are the best things to explore in National parks.

List of National Parks in New Zealand  

1. Mount Aspiring National Park

Mount-aspiring-National -Parks- in-New-zealand

Mount Aspiring National Park, the beautiful home of wildlife surrounded by snow-covered southern alps in South Island, New Zealand.

The destination makes you please with its heavenly beauty and gives you abundant opportunities for adventures.

Tramping on the edge of lake Wakana and waking through such wide and calm trails are the popular activities in these national parks.

Mountain climbing on the sharp cliffs offers the chance to win over the race of life for climbers. Nature lovers will just admire the spectacular beauty of this landscape surrounding the wildlife.

The national park is home to many species of flora and fauna. Hence, it is one of the best National Parks in New Zealand.

2. Tongariro National Park


Tongariro National Park, the oldest national park situated in North Island, New Zealand. The national park has cultural significance and beauty of its awe-inspiring landscape. Hence, it is recorded in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The National park is surrounded by many highest peaks and snow-capped mountains. The park has preserved Maori religious sites within its boundary which is the symbol of the rich culture of Maori People who resided there in the 13th century.

It is home to many flora species in the Podocarp Broadleaf rainforest near lake Taupo. It also nests 56 species of birds and many species of fauna such as Black duck, North Island brown kiwi, etc.

The amazing wonderland is also listed in the best national parks in New Zealand.

3. Fiordland National Park


Fiordland National Park is the largest national park in New Zealand. It is situated in the Southwest corner of South Island.

The alpines of Mount Aspiring and another highest white covered peak of Mitre peak are neighboring glaciers that make the view incredibly beautiful.

It attracts around half a million international visitors every year. However, tourist’s major attraction is Milford sound as they can enjoy boat tours and kayak within the park.

There are many other nearest attractions such as Mirror Lake and camping site near Te Anau.

You can also explore this park by walking through the rocky trails and mountain climbing. The park is also renowned for rainbow trout and brown trout fly fishing. Hence, this is one of the best National parks In New Zealand.

4. Nelson Lake National Park

Nelson-Lake National-Parks-in-New-Zealand

Nelson Lake National Park is located in South Island covering 1019 sq. km area. The National park is surrounded by salubrious valleys, snow-capped mountain ranges, and lakes.

Rotoiti and Rotoroa lakes offer boating tours of this national park. You can explore the beauty of nature and wilderness by boating tours.

The other popular activities are hiking, camping, and fishing. The short nature walks on the tramping tracks are just wonderful to the experience. However, a long trail for tramping is also available.

The marvelous beauty of Rotoiti Mainland island is the best site to capture the panoramic view of this national park.

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5. Abel Tasman National Park

Abel-Tasman National-Parks-in-New-zealand

Abel Tasman National park is located between two bays – Golden Bay and Tasman Bay at the north of South Island, New Zealand.

It is the smallest national park in New Zealand. The beautiful park is surrounded by valleys and islands off the coast. 

The river water of Tanaka and Riwaka seems like cutting the valleys and finds its way to the bay. The national park is home to various bird species such as gulls, terns, penguins, and herons.

You can also enjoy tramping on Abel Tasman Coast Track along the coastline renowned for great walks. The other popular activities at the park are kayaking, camping, and short walks on Wainui Falls Track.

6. Aoraki Mount Cook National Park


Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, another national park situated in South Island, New Zealand.

The Mount cook village and the highest peak of New Zealand reside within the park. The park has preserved many vegetation and beautiful landscape of the area.

It has rich biodiversity which comprises over 400 species of plants, over 200 moth species, and 35 species of birds. Mount cook Lilly and golden speargrass are the wonderful scenery of the park.

Hooker valley is very popular for tramping. The other adventures in the park are hunting, skiing, and mountain climbing. Hence, this national park is one of the beautiful national parks in New Zealand.

Final Words

Life around the wilderness and beautiful white covered mountains are one of the daylight dreams. The picturesque natural beauty of these national parks is awe-inspiring.

The combination of cultural significance and rich biodiversity of Tongariro National park and kayaking in Milford Sound at Fiordland national park is the best destinations to visit in New Zealand.

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