7 Most Beautiful Mountains in South Africa

What about making a summer trip adventurous and beautiful. Well, it sounds great to find the adventure amid beautiful valley and salubrious mountains.

When the wonders of nature create such a rare and amazing combination surrounding its rich biodiversity then you shouldn’t miss the chance to witness it.

What is the highest point in South Africa?


South Africa, the southernmost country in Africa which stretches along the Indian Ocean and South Atlantic. It is home to many highest peaks, rivers, and mountains.

The breathtaking beauty of the green cover mountains in South Africa will astonish you with a wonderful view of its peaks.

The alluring beauty of Drakensberg (Dragon mountains) are the highest mountain range in the South Africa elevated over 11,000 ft. Another highest point of South Africa is Njesuthi at 11,181 ft.

List of Mountains in South Africa 

1. Table Mountain


Table Mountain is a flat-topped mountain situated in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. This iconic landmark is part of Table Mountain National Park.

The peak of the mountain can be reached by hiking and cableway. This salubrious mountain is the most popular attraction in South Africa.

The mountain is edged by towering cliffs, lion’s head on right, and devil’s peak on the left which makes marvelous wonders of nature in the city of Cape Town.

The beauty of this enduring creation with the rich biodiversity forms such an amazing combination. It is home to 2285 species of flora including King Protea, Disa Uniflora (Pride of Table Mountain), and silver trees.

The places are just heavenly when it blooms the blanket of showy Orchid. If you would like to explore the panoramic view of the mountain then you can take the cableway which takes you to the top at 1067 meters.

Hiking is the most popular activity which has direct access to the top of the summit. Other activities such as Mountain biking, caving, and rock climbing can also be enjoyed here.

Hence, Table mountain is one of the beautiful mountains in South Africa. 

2. Drakensberg 


Drakensberg mountain ranges are located on the border of South Africa and Lesotho elevated 1000 meters above the sea level.

The beautiful lush green cover of the mountains is home to 2153 species of flora and over 300 species of fauna.

The mountain forms such a rarest combination of rivers, streams, and valleys. Tagula falls lies in the mountains, is the second-largest waterfall in the world.

The Tugela River in the valley seems like the birth of the beautiful stream guiding the paths of mountain ranges.

Conifer, erica, and tussock grass make the most impressive view of the mountain ranges. Hence, Drakensberg is also one of the incredible Mountains in South Africa.

3. Cederberg


Cederberg, another exceptional beauty of the city of Cape Town, South Africa. It is situated near Clan William in the north of Cape Town. It is wonderful geological creation formed from San rock art.

The mountain is such an amazing for eco-tourism which attracts thousands of tourists every year.

You can enjoy hiking, rock climbing, and camping. It is renowned for its perfect rock climbing routes around Tafelberg peaks.

Overnight hikes in the Wolfberg arch and Wolfsberg crack will bring more fun. Scouting is also one of the popular activity which is performed here every second year.

The San Rock art in the caves is the symbol of an earlier lifestyle of civilization. This is a stunning creation listed in the beautiful mountains of South Africa.

4. Magaliesberg


Magaliesberg, beautiful saffron quartzite mountain ranges lie in northern parts of South Africa.

The mountain range extends to the south of Pilansberg and part of Pilansberg National Park. Thunderstorm in summer and frost in winter depicts unique climate over mountain ranges.

Rock climbing is a popular activity performed on its kloofs and escarpments via hundreds of routes on the various grades.

The perfect rock climbing spot is Tonquani kloof. However, Hamerkop Kloof is also another popular spot to enjoy traditional rock climbing.

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5. Mafadi


Mafadi, the highest peak lies on the border of South Africa and Lesotho towering 3450 meters. It is normally made from Njesuthi Campsite which one of the most remote hiking sites. It takes about two days to reach escarpment.

Other popular mountain ranges that can be explored from Mafadi such as Champagne’s castle, Cathkin Peak, and salubrious valley in the Drakensberg.

The immense beauty of this wonderful mountain gives you a paranomic view of other beautiful mountains in South Africa. 

6. Outeniqua Mountains


The Outeniqua Mountains, a “mountain of the star” is situated along with the southern coast of South Africa. It is part of the garden routes consisting of rich vegetation of South Africa.

Capturing this breathtaking view of the Cradock peak(highest peak point) elevated 1578 meters is just awe-inspiring.

These mountain ranges are home for many flora and fauna species. Rare fauna species such as African elephants, klipspringers, and young bulls can also be seen here.

Khoikhoi tribes once live in these mountain ranges, the people of the tribes have offered a beautiful treasure of rock paintings which can be still found here.

Outeniqua mountain is a spectacular natural wonder listed in the most beautiful mountains in South Africa. 

7. Swartberg 


Swartberg, the spectacular mountain ranges in the western cape of South Africa. There are mainly two mountain chains Little Karoo and Great Karoo.

The peaks of the mountains are over 2000 meters which ultimately makes the tallest mountains in Western Cape.

The part of Swartberg, Cape Floristic region is recorded in UNESCO World Heritage Site. The destination is known for wonderful species of flora that reside in the tallest mountain ranges.

The passes cut through the mountain range are such an incredibly skillful work of engineers. Hence, the blissful mountain range Swartberg is also the most beautiful mountain in South Africa.


The most exceptional geological rock formations and breathtaking view of the mountain ranges is a paradise of South Africa. Various activities such as camping, rock climbing, and hiking are popular adventures you can enjoy while having a trip to South Africa.

The flora of Swartberg, highest peaks of Outeniqua mountains, astonishing view of Table mountain and the Drakensberg is one of the best mountains in South Africa.

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