7 Best Beaches In Texas (With Images)

The lone star state is no wonder it has huge stretched coastline with the Gulf of Mexico. Who doesn’t like to feel the waves of the sea in the field of sand?

Texas has much more offering state when it comes to the commercial sector and technology sectors as well. The Coastline with the Gulf of Mexico offers the best beaches in Texas.

This beach destinations do not only provide a peaceful environment to visitors but also water adventures. On the beachside, visitors can have the fun of Swimming, Kayak, fishing, speed boating, sailing and sky diving, etc.

The visitors can also wonder to see wildlife on the best beaches in Texas. The combination of the beauty of nature and adventure explores the endlessness of the place.

Our Picks For Best Beaches in Texas

The bliss of white sand field and endless water waves of the sea coming towards making perfect picturesque. The Best Beaches in Texas has also a huge diversity of wildlife.

1. Rockport Beach

Rockport Beach is the cleanest beach in the Texas renowned as Texas’s first blue wave beach. The beach has excellent rating among the visitors.

Rock port best beaches in Texas

Rockport Beach resides in the small area of Rockport on Aransas Bay. The shallow beach is safe and offers the quietness.

The visitors can enjoy the weekend here as it is the best picnic spot. It has a playground area, a sand volleyball pit, showers, and fishing piers. Usually, the beachside gets crowded by visitors even on vacations.

However, the motels, restaurants, shopping markets, and cafes are available just a few miles from the beach. As the beach doesn’t have big waves so the best destination picnic shelter for little ones.

Though the visitors do complaints about the red bugs on the beachside the destination is so family-friendly. There are so many fun-loving activities such as fishing, boating, and bird sighting and many more.

The sun seekers can have a more thrilling experience sighting the beauty of the beach on relaxing set up chairs.

2. Mustang Island

Mustang Island is also one of the best beaches in Texas resides in Corpus Christi. The beach is famous for surfing, swimming and sunbathing.

Mustang Island in Texas

The barrier island is shallow having amazing adventures such as Paddleboard, Kayak, and Canoe. However, the beachside has also wonderful wildlife that can be seen in a few miles. The visitors can see various species of birds, turtles, dolphins at Kemp’s Ridley.

Campfires in the white sand dunes are the most popular activity of visitors on this beach. The state park is also attractive for the seashells collectors and fossils.

The island has many more treasures concealed in its deep scenic view. The many other adventures can be enjoyed by visitors such as camping, hiking, mountain biking.

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3. Boca Chica

Boca Chica state park is also amazing beach destination located in the Rio Grande near Brownsville. The beach is having listed on the best beaches in Texas.

Boca chica beach texas

The park is also the part of wildlife preserved place. However, like other beaches visitors can enjoy many activities such as picnicking, swimming and bird sighting.

Camping, surfing, and fishing are the most common activities on the beach. Though the beach is quite prone to natural calamities such as Hurricanes and storms in any season.

The formation of sand dunes and blasting waves of sighting from the chilling set up chair has different fun.

4. Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach is stretched along the Bolivar Peninsula about 27 miles. It is also listed on the best beaches in Texas as many activities are enjoyed here.

Crystal Beach in Texas

The campfires and fishing, camping is the popular activities on the beachside. As the beach is the less crowded place so peace seekers can enjoy their time here.

The restaurant has amazing seafood eateries that offer the best family-friendly destination. Crabbing is also the best opportunity for other activities on the beach.

For easy access to the beach and other nearby areas, the ferry is available for 24 hours in a day.

5. South Padre Island

South Padre Island is the most tourist loving destination in Texas. The resort town is residing on the Gulf coastline.

South padre Island texas

The barrier island has also many popular activities such as kiteboarding and dolphin sighting. Visitors can also enjoy the personal watercraft rental and horseback riding on the beachside.

Fishing is one of the best activities performed here. Even the Fishing tournaments are also held on the island. The destination is quiet for sun-seekers enjoying sunbathing as the beachside has a warm temperature.

The island is declared as Best Spring Break Destination. The snowbirds are sighted mostly in winter who migrates in cold seasons.

Many birds species reside on the island can be sighted such as herons, egrets, and yellow-billed loons.

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6. Port Aransas Beach

Port Aransas Beach is tranquility offering the best beaches in Texas. It has also an excellent rating from visitors.

Best beaches in Texas

The beach is less crowded so the best destination for family picnic destinations. The clean water with the sand dunes in which you can enjoy building the sandcastles.

There are many outdoor activities and fishing, bird sighting can be the add-ons. The beach has also rich marine lives such as seashells and turtles are found.

As the water of the sea is warm so the best choice for sun-seekers for sunbathing.

7. Surfside Beach

Surfside beach is located in a small town Galveston attracts many visitors. The beach is the hidden beach a few miles away in the southwest.

Surfside beach texas

The popular activities on the beach are surfing and Kayaking, windsurfing. The deepwater of the ocean makes the beach perfect for adventure water spots.

The clean blue water and sand dunes can be enjoyed by soaking up the sun. The unique lodging on the beachside and quiet atmosphere make the trip amazing.


The best beaches in Texas have stretched along the Gulf of Mexico. The beaches offer a peaceful environment as well as fun-loving activities.

Moreover, the rich wildlife of the shore can also part of the endless place. It is the best destination for a family picnic and water adventures.