8 Best Cities in the UK

The United Kingdom is the sovereign country located off the coast of the European Mainland. The country is a reflection of the ancient roman period with a modern touch. It does not only has beautiful natural wonders but also a set of spectacular architectures.

What about to walk through the historic streets which gives the vibe of 90’s films. The country has such beautiful places to explore the mystery of the historical walls.

If you want to visit the best cities in the UK then here we have mentioned the list of cities which are most popular in the UK. 

What to explore in the best cities in UK?


Most of the cities in the UK have been granted a royal charter as it depicts the civilization and lifestyle of the ancient culture. The mysterious behind royal stories have concealed behind the ancient architectures of the UK.

The most eye-catching place is the millennium wheel and midsummer festivals in oxford and the broad carnival streets of oxford are the best places to explore in the cities of the UK.

List of the Best Cities in the UK

1. London


London, the capital of England is situated on the bank of River Thames. London is the largest city in the United Kingdom. It is the reflection of Roman times which depicts the roots of the ancient core.

The city is also listed in World’s most important global cities. It has made a great impact on all aspects from art to education.

The city has a treasure of rich heritage and its cultural significance consists of many exceptional architectures and ancient styles.

The incredible historical castle, the Tower of London is recorded in UNESCO World Heritage sites lies from the medieval period.

London’s eye is known as the millennium wheel which has caught millions of eyes. Other tourist attractions are the British Museum, the National History Museum, Tate Modern.

Hence, London is one of the best cities in the UK preserves its cultural and historic values.

2. Oxford


Oxford, the city of dreaming spires is situated in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. The city has a vibe of historical fairy tales.

However, it has a modern touch of the 20th and 21st centuries. The city is home to the University of Oxford depicting the educational importance of the Country.

Broad and Carnival streets of the city are a reflection of the oldest historical streets.

The most popular landmarks in the city are Christ Church Cathedral and Tom Tower. The city center has an aroma of Anglo Saxon which makes the city most popular and attracts millions of tourists.

We always look for the mysterious tales that the city has concealed for long in its core. Well, City has many ancient art collections in the galleries and museums.

The oldest and first museum in the world is the Ashmolean Museum. Oxford is also one of the best cities in the UK.

3. Liverpool


Liverpool, the seaport that resides in Merseyside, England. The incredible architecture with the blend of cultural significance is just an astonishing view of the city.

The heritage of the city turns the pages of the 17th century and reveals the mysterious treasures of Liverpool.

The exceptional architecture of the Tudor building dated from the 16th century has a wonderful ancient architectural style. One of the oldest buildings in Liverpool is Speke hall and Liverpool cathedral.

The city has such a diverse culture incorporating music, performing art centers, amazing collections of art galleries, and historical treasures in the museums of Liverpool. Liverpool is also one of the best cities in the UK.

4. Edinburgh


Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland is located in Lothian, United Kingdom. The city’s cultural and historical attractions have caught many international tourists to the city.

Edinburgh is also renowned as the second-largest financial center in the United Kingdom.

Well, the city hosts the world’s largest annual international art festival. The mystery of Edinburgh is concealed behind the walls of Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

The old town as well as the new town of Edinburgh is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The panoramic view of the old town has perfect symmetrical medieval architecture. Hence, the city is lined up with such an incredible ancient architectural style.

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5. Cambridge


Cambridge is the county town of Cambridgeshire, England. It is an important trading center during the Roman period.

The city has ancient archeological evidence of its civilization belongs to the bronze age.

Cambridge is concerned more on educational and its artistic significance includes the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin Unversity. The music and art festivals are the heart of the city’s culture.

Strawberry fair, art festivals are held on Midsummer. Fitzwilliam Museum is the largest museum at the University of Cambridge. Cambridge is one of the best cities in the UK.

6. Manchester


Manchester is a metropolitan borough in Greater Manchester, England. Manchester has an ancient Roman fort of Mamucium depicting the oldest history of the city.

The city attracts millions of tourists every year and becomes the third most visited city in the United Kingdom after London and Edinburgh.

Manchester is notable for music exports. Incredible architectures and cultural significance. The city has preserved many victorian style architectures including Manchester town.

The astonishing monuments of Manchester are situated in Albert Square and Piccadilly Gardens. The major tourist attractions are the Manchester Opera house, Palace theater, and dance house.

7. York


York, the cathedral city is located in North Yorkshire, England. The city is renowned for historical landmarks such as York Minster and city walls.

The sports and cultural activities in the city attract many international tourists. It is known as the UK’s first human rights city.

The Shambles is a famous shopping street in the city that belongs to the medieval period. It makes the feel of walking through the 90’s movies.

The other exceptional gothic-style architectures are York castle and York Castle Museum.

8. Bath


Bath is the city in Somerset, England. The city is recorded in UNESCO World Heritage Sites as it is named after Roman-built Bath.

The city more concerned about its religious and historic significance. One of the oldest religious architectures is Bath Abbey dated from the 7th century.

Bath attracts over 3.8 million tourists every year. The museums, theaters, and cultural activities make the most popular cities in the UK.

Exceptional art collections are preserved in the Museum of Bath Architecture and Victoria art gallery. If you want to capture the incredible view of the city then you should enjoy the trip by Open top bus.


The marvelous architectural styles and modern new towns are the most extraordinary feature of the cities in the UK.

The millennium wheel in London, the Broad streets of Oxford, the architecture of the Tudor building in Liverpool is the best places to visit in the UK. If you have witnessed the beauty of these historic towns then share your experience with us.

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