8 Best lakes in Spain You Must Witness on Spain Tour

Spain, the land of setting sun treasures the natural wonders as well as historical architectures. It does not only preserve the heritage but also the cultural values for many centuries. we always look for the destination where we just sit quietly and see the turquoise water surrounded by the snow-capped mountains.

The lakes in Spain have their special traits. The stunning scenic view of the lakeside will astonish you with its beautiful landscape. So let’s have a look at the best lakes in Spain.

List of Lakes in Spain

1. Lagunas de Ruidera


Lagunas de Ruidera is made up of 15 lakes on the border of Albacete province and province of Ciudad Real. The area also forms Lagunas de Ruidera National park which is home to many animal and bird species.

The national park also protected rarest marine species like Procambarus clarkii (Species of Crayfish), Iberian barbel, and European tree frog. The lake has also stretched the valley of San Pedro. The lake is recorded in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The area around the lake is a popular tourist destination consisting of camping sites at Laguna Taza, restaurants, and small hotels. Lake comprises such a wonderful nature creation along with its rich wildlife. Hence, Lagunas de Ruidera is one of the best lakes in Spain.

2. Lago de Sant Maurici


Lago de Sant Maurici, the beautiful lake surrounded by salubrious mountains of Los Encantado. The lake is situated Prynees in the municipality of Espot. The lake is the part of Aiguas Tortas y Lago de San Mauricio National park. 

The stunning combination of nature and wildlife will make you stay here a little longer. The mesmerizing valleys the west and east are the beauty of this place. This amazing landscape and black pine forests will astonish you with its magnificent beauty. The lake is 1100 meters and 200 meters wide located at 1910 meter altitude. This is another spectacular lake which is a popular tourist destination listed in the best Spanish lakes.

3. Lagos de Covadonga


Lagos de Covadonga comprised of two snow-covered glaciers, situated in Asturias, Spain. These phenomenal lakes are Lake Enol and Lake Ercina often called Los Lagos. This beautiful snow-covered blanket is surrounded by many wild species, reside in Picas de Europa National Park.

The roads of Covadonga towards the lake is a popular climb for road bicycling racing. It is believed as the most important climb in the modern history of Vuelta. The beauty of the lake enhances as the ice melts in summers, it attracts many visitors from the part of Europe. This amazing wonderland is also listed in the best lakes in Spain.

4. Laguna Salada de Torrevieja 


Laguna Salada de Torrevieja is Spain’s pink lake. The stunning pink lake is one of the rarest lagoons located at de Las Lagunas de La Mata e Torrevieja. The wonderful pink-colored lake has highly saline water with an unusual type of bacteria called halobacteria. That is why the water of the lake is pink.   

Black mud in the proximity of the lake is just so attractive around the dip in pink. Dive into this lake is prohibited as this lake is the part of a natural park. It is important to preserve the ecosystem, flora, and fauna. It is expected to capture over 2000 flamingo in the breeding season near the dreamy pink lake. The lake is an incredible creation of colors listed in the best lakes in Spanish.

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5. La Albufera 


La Albufera lake is the lake in the south of Valencia. The city is listed in the largest city in Spain. The lake is surrounded by six islands. The lake has such a vibrant combination of natural wonders such as the mallards (Small lagoons), wetlands, beaches, and the Mediterranean sea.

The natural park of Albufera is home to many migrant species of birds and endangered animals. It is the best camping site which you must not miss in the summer holidays. The lake is separated by the sandy barrier of mediterranean sea. Hence, La Albufera is also one of the best Spanish lakes.

6. Ardales Lake


Ardales Lake is a few minutes away from the countryside lies in Ardales National Park, Spain. It is also known as the Spanish lake district. This sea green lake by the dam of three rivers – Tebba, Guadalhorce, and Turron. This wonderful scenery is also part of the best lakes in Spain.

This destination is surrounded by another two major attractions El Chorro and Bobastro. The sites have historical significance, rich wildlife, and amazing landscape. The lake is surrounded by woodland, it is just unbelievable to sight the lake amid the desert. This spot will be your favorite weekend escape for sure. You can enjoy sailing, swimming, and delicious eateries.

7. La Laguna Negra


La Laguna Negra is a geological treasure located in Urbion Mountain natural park. It is just a 1-hour drive from Soria, Spain. The wonderful scenic view of this natural park is an add-on of this lake.

This place is also best for trekking to Urbion peaks. Such an incredible feeling to capture the view of snow-covered mountains and bliss of cool air. It is believed that this black lagoon has no bottom and communicates with sea through many streams. But this is one of the marvelous lakes in Spain to enjoy the worthy treasure of nature. 

8. Laguna de Fuente de Piedra

laguna-de-Fuente de-iedra-spanish-lakes

Laguna de Fuente de Piedra, the lake has Europe’s second-largest population of Flamingo situated in Andalucia. This lagoon attracts many other migratory birds on the shore. This lake is the largest natural lake in the Iberian Peninsula measured 6.5 km long and 2.5 km wide.

This lake is home to over 100 species of birds. However, this lake is a seasonal lake, thousands of flamingo can be captured here in the breeding season. In the summer, it often dries out but in winter it is just a beautiful place surrounded by thousands of birds. This is another popular destination listed in the best lakes in Spain.


The serenity of the lakes shares such an inspirational space with humans in the race of life. But when it blends the beauty of natural wonder with the wildlife, it is an incredibly picturesque view of the beautiful destination. The Saline dreamy water of a pink lake, the wonderland of La Albufera with the vibrant combination are such astonishing sites to visit in Spain.

Camping at Lagunas de Ruidera lake and bicycle racing on the road descending towards Lake Covadonga is just incredible things to do at the lakeside. If you have a wonderful trip to these lakes then let us know your experience.

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