8 Best Places in Las Vegas [United States]

In the race of a busy life, you may search for peaceful places as well as fun-loving. You may look for beaches but at the same time, you need lights with a glass of mocktail. What if you get these all things in one place. it sounds whoopee, isn’t it!

The best places in Las Vegas have vibrant combinations which exhibit all the aspects of the sin city. From hiking to adventurous thrill rides, from casino to various cuisines, it will make the feel of the glittering world around you that will let you crave to spend more time.

Best Places in Las Vegas [Updated List]

Las Vegas, lighting glamor of the United States resides in Nevada. The whoopee joy of nightlife, the gambling stars of the resort city,  delicious dining of various cuisines. The sin city of Gambling is also known for Adult entertainment. The wanderers always look for concealed nooks of every place to explore extravagance of the lighthearted beauty.

1. Las Vegas Strip


The spectacular stretch of Las Vegas Strip is lined with lavish hotels, magical worlds of gambling and casino. The strip is stretched from Southern Las Vagas Boulevard in Nevada. You may wish to get lost in the crowded entertaining streets of gambling city. 

The stretch is engaged in many other music live concerts and shapes. However, you can’t stop admiring the cuisines of restaurants and street food of the strip. You can’t get your eye off from the glittering nightlife of the Strip which is just a wonderful dream of watching colorful fountain shows and shining lights of skylines.

This strip also contains huge amusement parks and joyful rides. The stretch is also a major attraction for shopping at Palazzo, Miracle mile shops and Crystals at city centers, etc. Hence, the entertaining Strip is listed in one of the best places in Las Vegas.

2. Red Rock Canyon National Park


Red Rock Canyon exhibits the geological character of the land of Nevada. Your eyes will be astonished looking at the formation of sandstones in the form of peaks and towers. The awful beauty of these places may take you to walk through the paradise of nature.

The sights make also the feel of adventures as you can enjoy the driving and hiking on the peaks of the mountains. However, this place is more recommended in winter because this sight is a little warmer. 

Sighting the historical stories hidden behind the walls of ancient buildings at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park is just a mesmerizing view in the south. The sheltered icebox Canyon has eye-catching seasonal waterfalls. Red Rock Canyon is one of the wonderful places listed in the best places in Las Vegas.

3. Adventuredome Theme Park 


Adventuredome Theme Park, the indoor amusement park with thrilling adventurous rides resides at Circus Circus in Las Vagas. The park was previously known as Grand Slam Canyon which has become popular with a line of “5 Acers of Indoor fun”.

The marvelous experience of every twist, turn and drop of thrill rides of the park is just an awesome feel for every kid. This is one of the best kid-friendly spots of Las Vegas. The daredevil rides of the park make the feel of venture for all age groups.

The night view of the park is decorated with awe-inspiring lights which easily catches many eyes towards Circus Circus. It also features the arcades and miniature golf. You may now wonder to have a trip to this Adventuredome Theme Park which opens the entrance gate of whoopee world.

4. Shark Reef Aquarium 


Shark Reef Aquarium is the places of aquatic paradise resides at Mandalay Bay. Have you ever thought of glancing shark just within inches?. Here, you will get a chance to dive with the exotic sharks.

The best spot of exploring sea life in once with fascinating creatures like rays, turtles, pythons and much more. The aquarium exhibits Jungle also where you can sight Komodo Dragon, golden crocodiles, and reptiles.

Hence, the aquarium will not only exhibit aquatic life but also give you a chance to glance at the non-aquatic life. It makes your trip more wonderful by sighting and interacting with marine life. This is the major attraction of Las Vagas among tourists.

5. The Neon Museum


The Neon Museum features the old signage of Casino and some popular landmarks. The museum not only exhibits the art of historic landmarks but also represent the culture of the city.

The preserved signs conceal the story and hold the significance in culture. It preserved the signs in the main three areas consists the Fremont Street area and along the Las Vegas Strip and Neon Boneyard. However, it is stretched to downtown Las Vegas also.

Hence, the museum has represented the unique art and cultural significance of the city. The Museum is also one of the best places in Las Vegas to visit. 

6. Mary Jane Falls Trail Head 


In such a diverse city of Las Vegas, from the gambling world to entertainment, fantastic theme parks to cultural you will explore various parts of the city. However, the city has many picturesque beauties with adventure.

The Mary Jane Falls Trail Head is well known for hiking and outdoor activities. You may haven’t explored hiking trails with beautiful serene waterfalls. However, hiking trails get eroded and not in good condition in winters. But still, the place is one of the popular attractions among tourists.

Tranquil peaks of cliffs and scenic picturesque of the surrounding is mesmerizing when you find peace in this rush of life. Hence, this is an amazing natural view listed in the best places in Las Vegas.

7. Emerald Cove 


Emerald Cove, the popular kayaking spot which you must visit while having a trip to Las Vegas. The kayak trip in black Canyon stretched 2 miles upstream from Willow Beach and Emerald Cove. The Emerald Cove is the best spot of picnic and camping exploring the cave.

Glancing the beauty of the cave while kayaking around crystal clear serene of water makes the feeling of isolation from the crowd of this world. The most alluring place to visit in Las Vegas is Emerald cove exploring by kayaking. This is also another best place in Las Vegas.

8. Thrill Rides 


Thrill Rides is another whoopee spot in Las Vegas. The scariest but adventurous rides of the city. When you sight paranomic view of the entire city from 1149 feet height from the ground, it sounds more awful experience of life.

It includes many astonishing rides like Big shot exploring the majestic view of Las Vegas Valley from 160 feet, Insanity and X-Scream, etc. The alluring experience of the thrilling rides is just another level of adventure in Las Vegas.

Wrapping up

The sin city with amazing gambling world lined on the Las Vegas Strip, dining with various cuisines, thrilling rides in Amusement theme park are undoubtedly awe-inspiring places to explore the city. You will get a chance to enjoy many indoor and outdoor activities in Las Vegas. However, the kayaking spot in Emerald Cove is the best places in Las Vegas. 

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