8 Best places to visit in California (with images)

The Golden state of United states has more concealed treasure of nature. Well, who doesn’t have strong urge to stare the light brownish saffron sunset at Hollywood Boulevard?

Yes, that golden state is California. Now, you will have zest feelings of visiting wonderful place. The mesmerizing scenic views of Manhattan beach and the sapphire moonlight in San Diego.

However, the land of fairy-tale, Disneyland of Anaheim is marvellous kingdom of heaven.

Another exciting place in United state which is an add-on in the beauty of the country. State’s culture has rich traditions and advanced in innovations as well.

California has many popular cities which gets millions of tourists every year. The Global city Los Angeles, San Francisco beauty of the landscape and many more best places to visit in California.

The state has even diverse in the climate as it has dry summers and wet winters. Though it is even on the highest rank when it comes to the agriculture sector.

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The coastline of southern California, the diversity of wildlife, the beauty of deep Valley, snow covering peak points makes the state more exciting to visit it again and again.

Best Places to visit in California

The best places in California include historical landmarks, scenic beauty of the highest peaks and rich landscape of nature.

1. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park has well diverse with nature located in central California. The national park is surrounded by forest with salubrious mountains, deep cliffs, snowy glaciers and waterfall.

Best places to visit in California

Millions of tourists visit the park every year especially Yosemite Valley. It is home for many wildlife species and flora species.

Moreover, the park has a unique geological formation of rock and soil formations. It is the main reason of the formation of Yosemite Valley.

Large animal species reside in the valley such as Mule deer, Coyote, mountain beaver. There are various species of mammals, reptiles and birds also found.

However, Reptiles are rare in the valley includes rubber boa, Western fence lizard and alligator lizard. The park is having tremendous activities such as hiking, art classes, rafting and rock climbing.

In the winter, the visitors love to enjoy mountain climbing, hiking and rock climbing on the highest mountain of the valley. In sort, the place is nature with venture.

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2. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is also the second most popular city of California after San Francisco. This is one of the best places to visit in California renowned as “Queen Of Angeles”.

Los Angeles best places to visit in California

The city is famous for centres of the entertainment industry and Hollywood. The city is also listed in Global city as it is advanced in every sector.

However, Los Angeles has a rich artwork and culture. Hence, the city is said as ” Creative capital of the world”.

It is home to many film studios and performing art centers. One of the famous for organizing film awards is Dolby Theatre.

The Los Angeles music center is also the largest performing art center visited by many tourists. The Hollywood bowl in the Hollywood hills is famous amphitheatre in California.

The other popular destinations of the city are Echo Park, Venice beach, Vincent Thomas Bridge and theme building.

3. San Francisco Bay area

The San Francisco combines various rich aspects such as financial center, commercial and culture. The city is one of the popular in ranking of best places to visit in California.

San Francisco Bay area

The popular tourist destination, San Francisco has historical landmarks, the amazing architectures, the varied climatic condition such as fog and cool summers.

The city is famed as a global city as it has a huge network of international connectivity. Moreover, the city is designated as Alpha world city having vast socio-economic affairs.

Most visited places in the city are Alcatraz Island which has a recreation area. The island is part of historical landmarks.

For easy access to the island, Hornblower cruises and events are available. The island is eternal solace offering destination with its flora and fauna.

The other popular destinations in San Francisco are Lombard street, pier 39, Moscone center and golden gate bridge. Alamo square park is famous for its landscape and painted ladies.

4. Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is resort city on the coast in southern California. It is the best places to visit in California for a rich art community, scenic coves and aw-inspiring climate.

Laguna Beach in California

As the seaside resort is visited by 6 million tourists every year. The city is having lots of events and festivals like the Sawdust festival, the festival of arts.

The city is having a treasure of art, music and culture. The art of California is displayed in the Laguna Art Museum.

The summer seasoned festival Pageant of Masters is showcased recreaction of artworks and crafts. In the winter, music festivals are organized includes Kelpfest and Bluewater music festival.

The city is also the best spot for surfing on rocky reefs. The beautiful view of Goff cove makes the seaside view amazing.

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5. Central Coast and Big Sur

This part of California which has picturesque hillside, sand beaches and farmlands. The area of Central Coast has advanced agriculture sector and popular for tourism of its scenic beauty.

Big Sur best places to visit in California

The popular destinations of Central Coast are Cannery Raw, Monterey Bay Aquarium and The Carmel by the sea. The most visited place by tourist is Hearst Castle in San Simeon.

Another mountainous section of the central coast in Big Sur. Millions of tourists visit the place for its stunning views, hiking, red forests and white sand beaches.

The best beach in Big Sur is Garrapata state park having rich marine life. Moreover, it also offers a great opportunity for hiking and outdoor activities.

The longest stretch Big Sur is having other architectural attractions such as Bixby Creek Bridge, Mcway Falls and Ventana wildlife centers.

6. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of the best places to visit in California for adventure and landscapes. The scenic beauty of the surrounding mountain and clean water of the lake is a major attraction.

Lake tahoe

Many sports in winter, outdoor activities with surrounding nature are enjoyed. Gondola ride and skiing activities are popular in resort area of the lake.

The lake is also famous for water sports and beachside activities. Moreover, the other activities such as parasailing, jet skiing and paddle sports rental.

The high altitude of the lake can be enjoyed with thrilling activities such as Scuba Diving, hiking and mountain biking. The most visited trail for these activities is Tahoe Rim trail and Flume trail.

7. Redwood National Park

The unique tree species containing forest is one of the best places to visit in California. The park is protecting many species of flora, Fauna and small streams.

Redwood national Park California

However, the half growth of redwood is logged and half is being preserved. Some species of flora which is even old about million years are preserved.

Huckleberry, blackberry and Salmonberry are the food for the wildlife residing there. The part of Fauna consist of Bald Eagle resides near water sources, Chinook Salmon, Steller’s sea lion.

8. Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz Island is also a treasure of California having amazing landscapes. It is also listed in the best places to visit in California having more visitors.

Santa Cruz Island California

This is the largest island in eight channel islands. The coastline consists of stiff cliffs, sandy beaches, sea caves and coves.

One of the famous painted caves is the largest caves in the world. Moreover, the island is also home for many wildlife species such as Santa Cruz Island fox.

The flora part of the island includes Chaparral, oak woodland and Bishop pine. Many endangered species of Fauna is protected such as Bald Eagle and Santa Cruz sheep.


The best places to visit in California have rich art, culture as well as performing art centers. The bliss of nightlife creates an amazing atmosphere.

The vibrant combination of the scenic beauty of landscapes, historical landmarks are the add-on of the places. The tranquil offering beachside is the best destination for summer vacations as the state is having a varied season.

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