10 Most Impressive Places to Visit In South Florida [2019]

Florida has beautiful picturesque scenic views as well as wildlife sanctuaries. South Florida is the combination of hilarious mixes.

The places to visit in South Florida include the delicious seafood eateries, rich marine life scenarios of beaches, shopping and awful picturesque of a number of islands.

The well-known place for water adventure Florida key, from rich wildlife to culture and artworks in Miami, landscapes of Sanibel Island.

Moreover, fun-loving places with ancient heritage spots in Sarasota and the fishing destination Stuart makes the family trips picture perfect.

Best places to visit in South Florida

The vibrant mixes of Contrasts make the region more attractive. The Disney world which is in another part of Florida.

But the Best places to visit in South Florida gathers all the different places into one picturesque frame.

Your trip becomes majestically awful after visiting the amazing places of South Florida.

1. Sanibel Island

South Florida has a beauty of nature and the best place for summer vacation trips. Well, from all the places Sanibel Island is one of the best places to visit in South Florida.

Sanibel is the city in the form of the island which makes the eternal peaceful view of the sea. The city consists not only beautiful landscapes of nature but also heritage sites and landmarks.

The barrier island is in comparison with other islands in Florida. It is known for ease in visiting. As it is connected to the mainland by Sanibel Causeway.

Earlier before the Sanibel Causeway, people used to visit the barrier island by taking a ferry. Though the ferry was much time-consuming.

You can also visit the another isolated Captiva island in its north which is separated by the erosion of sand.

The economic growth of the city was rapid. Though it contains two chains of eatery restaurants extends from Dairy Queen to Subway.

Rich marine life exists on the beach line which is known for the seashells. As the island is famed for the species of birds such as egrets, herons and the meeting pairs of American bald eagle.

The island has also huge species of American alligators.

2. Miami

The cultural and financial center, Miami is also one of the best places to visit in South Florida. The water adventures such as sailing, scuba diving, and snorkeling are most popular on the beach side.

The city is having rich recreational parts such as Bayfront Park, Museum Park, Tropical Park.

However, it also consists the cultural destinations such as Jungle Island, Zoo Miami, Coral castles.

The festival includes dancing, food eatery streets, many live entertainments. The festival basically showcased the Pan- American culture organized at Havana.

Miami is one of the best cities for entertainment, arts, theaters and muse parks. The magic city is also having an annual festival Calle Ocho Festival.

The city is also the best fashion center and a great icon of museums and visual art centers.

Millions of tourists visit the city as it is famed for cultural and it’s heritage sites. It also has rich from sports, entertainment as well as performing art centers.

3. Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is the most popular tourist destinations. The city includes many cruise rides, restaurants for delicious eateries, museums and nightclubs.

The parks, museums and cruise ships are one of the best things that tourist can visit here. Another major attraction is convection centers among tourists.

The authentic city is shopping and dining district of South Florida. The La Olas Boulevard is a fun-loving place consisting of art galleries, food restaurants, and boutiques.

The magestical butterfly world for kids grabs the eyes to visit the place. The huge canal system gives curiosity to the fishing seekers.

4. The Florida Keys

The rich landscape of nature and adventure makes a tremendous combination of the place. The Florida key is also one of the best places to visit in South Florida due to a number of islands.

The rich marine life with pictures of the ocean makes the trip brighten. On the Miami key west side, you will find the bars, restaurants, and other chilling spots.

The uninhabited island Dry tortugas is home for sea turtle. Visitors can reach there by taking seaplane or ferry.

The most famous activities of the keys are fishing and Scuba diving.

There are many wildlife protected areas such as Dry Tortugas National park, Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary.

5. Sarasota

Sarasota is another vibrant combinated cities resides on southwest coastline. The city is having rich beauty of beaches, architectures, Cultural importance.

As the island separated the keys having Lido key and Siesta key are famed for their sandy beaches. The city is also popular for largest film festival organized annually.

For art seekers, another largest art festival is Sarasota Chalk festival showcases various new techniques of art with different themes.

However, you will also find the famous John and Mable Ringling Museum of art is the best example of its architectural ancient beauty.

Sarasota is home for visual arts and performing centers and theaters. It includes various activities such as fine arts, decorative arts, and film making.

6. Stuarts

The city is renowned for its adventures and activities such as fishing charters, sailing. Scuba diving and snorkeling are also popular adventures in the city.

The start heritage museum and Victory military museum is also a major attraction among the tourists.

You will also spot sailfish in the ocean as the city is well known as “Sailfish capital of the world”. However, tourist also visits the downtown area which is pedestrian friendly.

7. West Palm Beach

The city of Palm Beach is the best tourist destinations of South Florida. The city exhibits the ancient art collections, performing art centers, amphitheater.

Norton Museum is the largest art museum which is having a collection of 19’s photography and contemporary.

Moreover, the Mayer Amphitheater and Raymond F.Kravis performing art centers are used to glancing the dance, music, and opera.

The Richard and Pat Johnson Palm Beach country history museum explores its history to visitors for free. However, it provides Docent-led tours for adults and school children.

The festival such as Sunfest which is organized for music, art, and waterfront in Florida in the presence of millions of people.

8. Mallory Square

The Mallory Square is viewed from the Gulf of Mexico which is located in key west.

The town holds the historic places residing beside the Cruise ship port. You can also visit the surrounding places such as Key west shipwreck Historeum museum.

At the time of Sunset, the town enjoys the Sunset Celebrations. The celebration includes art and craft, street performances, food, and carts.

The memorial sculpture garden contains the monuments of people who had a major impact on the town.


The awe-inspiring place full of the scenic beauty of nature, cultural significance as well as historic landmarks. The fun-loving activities and adventures make your trip amazing to South Florida.

The best places to visit in South Florida includes the peaceful key islands of Florida, Magical city Miami, vibrant combinated Sarasota and the historical landmarks of Fort Lauderdale.

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