8 Most Beautiful Forests in the World

Forest are the wonderlands of nature where people get lost in the beauty of the incredible creation. The roots of thousand years stand surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature. You are lucky if you have got the opportunity to witness the most beautiful forests in the world surrounded by rarest combinations.

If you are planning to spend your holidays amid nature this summers then we have mentioned the magnificent creations of nature. Let’s have a look at the stunning wonderlands around the world. 

Let’s explore beautiful forests in the world

1. Amazon Rainforest, Brazil


Amazon Rainforest, a tropical rainforest in Brazil is the largest forest in the world. The major part of the forest is in Brazil and the rest part of the forest belongs to nine nations. It is the most biodiverse wet tropical rainforest in the world which consists of more than 15,000 species of flora and more than 1000 species of birds and mammals.

Forest is a wonderful place to lose yourself in the beauty of nature. The tropical forest has incredible unparalleled biodiversity covering 5,500,000 sq.meters area. The entire area is accompanied by Amazon Basin spreading its tributaries across the Andes Mountain ranges. 

The green blanket on the land near Manaus is such a marvelous place to explore the beauty of the earth. The broadleaves in dry seasons shadows like the protectors of the land and it spreads the smell of wet soil across thousands of miles. Hence, Amazon Rainforest is one of the beautiful forests in the world that lies in Brazil.

2. Redwood National Park, California


Redwood National park, the home to the tallest and oldest trees in the world. The National park lies in California preserved by Nationa Park Service and California State Park jointly. The magnificent creation of nature is home to old-growth coast redwoods. Redwoods stand there for thousands of years and grow over 300 feet. 

The roots of the redwoods are just as old as Roman empires. It shows a glimpse of the history just like they have lots of memories concealed under the roots. The national park comprises many species including berry bushes, Sword ferns, and hemlocks. The land of the park protects the many riverways and streams, prairie, oak woodland, and 37-mile Pacific coastline. Hence, it is the most beautiful forests in the world.

3. Great Bear Rainforest, Canada


The great bear rainforest is the temperate rainforest that lies on the pacific coast of Columbia, Canada. It covers approximately 6.4 million hectares area in Canada. It is the largest temperate rainforest in the world. This rainforest is home for many species such as Kermode bears, salmons, cougars, and wolves.

This temperate rainforest is surrounded by ocean and mountain ranges. Hence, the climate depends on the characteristics of atmospheric change. The largest rainforest is surrounded by a number of islands. Millions of tourists visit the rainforest every year to capture the incredible scenic view of the forest. The forest has the reach and unique biodiversity which will astonish your eyes.

You can also enjoy sailing, kayaking, whale watching, and hiking on this spot. It also famed for flaunting its diverse marine life. Hence, it is another marvelous creation listed in the most beautiful forests in the world. 

4. Garibaldi Provincial Park, Canada

Garibaldi Provincial Park

Garibaldi Provincial Park, another beauty on the land of British Columbia, Canada. It is the most popular place for outdoor recreation capturing millions of eyes by its natural beauty and rugged landscape. Surrounding alps, steep white covered mountains, and coastal forests make the wonderful scenic view.

It’s just an amazing fact to explore this park comprising 150 glaciers and highest peaks. The snow-covered frozen beauty of the alpine lake is such a breathtaking sight of the park. This park is also the origin of Pitt River and tributaries. Hiking on the endless paths of the trails and camping on the riverside sighting the gradual blue strip of the river will make some unforgettable memories of trips. Other activities such as fishing, swimming, kayaking, and rock climbing can also be enjoyed here.

5. Daintree Rainforest, Australia 


Daintree Rainforest, the oldest tropical rainforest in the world is situated on the north coast of Queensland, Australia. It has rich diverse wildlife. The forest is home for thousands of species of insects, birds, and mammals.

It is the rarest combination with white sandy beaches and offshore reefs on earth. It has many walking trails so if you like to continue your trip by walking then this place is cherry on the cake. Some part of this wet tropics gives us a glimpse of past recorded in the World Heritage sites by UNESCO. This place holds precious universal natural values preserving its biodiversity.

The spectacular view of the waterfalls and salubrious valley is the beauty of this rainforest. It is the most beautiful forests in the world.

6. Apricot Valley, China


Apricot Valley is the most beautiful springtime valley in the world. It is located near the border of Kazakhstan and northwest in Xinjiang, China. Millions of tourists flock there to sight the charm of this valley in spring. Spring is always the blooming phase when barren land and dry branches of trees get another life.

It’s just like a wonderland of fairytales in springtime comprising white covered peaks of the rolling hills. The destination has a vibe of immense satisfaction of soul when you actually walk through the path of blooming flowers surrounded by salubrious hills.

7. Taiga Forest, Russia

Taiga Forest (1)

Taiga Forest, the largest land biome in the world. It is located in Russia. This snow forest habitats larches, pine, and spruces. It is referred to as “Boreal Forest” in North America and “Boime” in Canada.

The forest consists of such rich biodiversity. It is home for much-endangered fauna and flora. Around thousands of species of fauna nests here such as brown bear, grey wolf, Siberian tigers, red fox, and polar bear. There are two parts of taiga, one with a closed-canopy forest with mossy ground cover and other taiga is lichen woodland in which trees are spaced. This is another most beautiful forests in the world.

8. Olympic National Forest, United States


The Olympic national forest is located in Washington, United States. The forest is surrounded by glaciers and coastline preserving huge wilderness ecosystems. It is recorded in the world heritage site by UNESCO.

Such a scenic view of salubrious snow-covered glaciers and diverse wildlife of the Olympic national forest holds. The wildlife consists of many species of fauna such as Roosevelt Elk, black bear, birds, etc. Hence, this is also one of the most beautiful forests in the world.


There are many beautiful forests in the world flaunts its beauty in different ways. They have white cover surrounded by the highest peaks and some boast the fairytale beauty in various seasons.

Towering stunned redwood national park, rarest combination of reef and beach at Daintree rainforest and the awe-inspiring beauty of Apricot valley is the most beautiful forests in the world to explore the heavenly wonderlands. So are you planning to explore these wonderlands in summer vacations?

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