7 Best Mysterious Places In India Will Make You Stunned

India is the country with historical mystery. The places which is treasure with some cultural significance.

There are few mysterious places in India, about which has quite blurred information. People have the curiosity to grab more pieces of information about the treasure of the story.

Have you ever visited any mysterious places in India? We always in search of popular tourists places but some places hold mythological importance. Here are some of the most mysterious places of India which has some tantalized myths and concealed stories.

Here is the list of mysterious places in India…

#1. The Gravity defying Palace at Lucknow

Bara Imambara (Asafi Imambara) is one of the mysterious places in India. The architecture of the building is decorated with Mughal design without any European element or use of iron.

Gravity-defying-Palace-Mysterious places-in-India

The structure has some unique significance of reaching terrace. It has asfi mosque and step well with running water.

The significance is, there are 1024 ways to reach at terrace whereas only one way to come back from terrace. However, in the ancient era, lots of money was to be spent for decoration annually.

The mosque is the main attraction of the structure which is called Bhulbhalaya. There is tunnel passageway which leads to Gomti river, Allahabad, Agra, and Delhi but it has been sealed after a period of long disuse.

#2. The Magnetic Hill, Ladakh

Magnetic Hill located in Ladakh, India. It is unbelievable to make the people in amaze.


The hill road is a downhill road. When the vehicle is got ignition off it will climb uphill. The layout of the area of the road looks uphill but in actual it has a downhill slope.

This is the actual reason why vehicle slip on it like normal downhill. Well, the magnetic hill which ultimately defines gravity.

The magnetic hill is also one of the mysterious places of India which is unbelievable.

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#3. Village of Twins, Kerala

India has low twinning rate in the world but this village is having very high twinning birth rate. The Kodinhi village is situated in Kerala.

A survey has been made about twinning rate. It is observed that the village has about 204 pairs of Twins and 2 set of triplet.


Up till now, the scientific reason behind the high twinning rate is the chemical present in water in the area. But the reason is still unsure.

Though kohindi area is still uncertain about multiple birth rat as the women are married off from even far districts.

Scientific studies also tell about the diet of women as the reason for the twinning birth rate. This makes the village of Twins the third mysterious places to visit in India.

#4. Hazarat Qamar Ali Darvesh shrine, Maharashtra

Qamar Ali Darvesh Dargah holds a mysterious story of ancient time. It is named after very famous saint Pir kamrali Dravesh who was known to be a spiritual person.


Dargah is built with white makrana marbal with black marble carving. There are two rocks which are placed in the contour of Dargah premises.

It is believed that the saint couldn’t lift these rock even if he tried a lot. Butgroup of 11 people has tried to lift the stone with the help of the index finger. The stone lifted with the help of the index finger by the voiced of unison the name of the saint.

In Dargah, the people of all the religion are allowed to enter without barriers. There are thousands of people who visits this place and see the miracle of lifting rock with index finger.

#5. The Hanging Pillar at Lapakshi, Andhra Pradesh

The Hanging Pillar is the Archeological site of India located at Lapakshi. The temple is of Lord Shiva which is known as one of the mysterious places in India.


The temple is famous for its floating pillar. The temple has 70 pillars and one is hanging in mid-air without any support. However, the reason behind this hanging pillar has discovered recently.

There is belief that if people pass any object under the pillar which brings prosperity in their lives. The theory behind this trick is old temple builders who were capable of to do that, makes it one of the most mysterious places in India.

The temple is also presenting the painting of God, goddess, and dancers with the story of Mahabharat, Ramayana, and Puranas on all over the columns as well as ceilings.

At the front of temple, there is large Nandi, the mount of Shiva which was carved from single block of stone.

#6. The Mini Desert at Thalakad, Karnataka

Thalakadu is filled with sand situated on the bank of Kaveri, Chamrajanagar in Karnataka. There is strange phenomenon that the place is filled with the sand at the bank of river.


However, there are whirlpools near Malangi and Mysore wodeyars. Thalakad is said to have 30 temples, from which 5 temples are of Lingams which presents five faces of Shiva.

However, it is believed that other temples is lying underneath the sand. Coracle rides is fun thing which can be enjoyed in river Kaveri.

Somanathapura and Shivanasamudra falls are major places which is mostly visited places in Thalakadu. Children are restricted playing in river as it has many whirlpool.

#7. The Immortal flame of Nawala Ji temple, Kangra

Jalan ji temple is also one of best mysterious places of India. It resides beside the Vaishno devi, lower Himalaya in Kangra.


This place is also mentioned in Mahabharat and other many scriptures.he eternal flame in the central pit of hollowed stone inside the shrine is burning from 100 years.

The temple holds both scares Hindus as well as Buddhists. It is believed that there are seven or nine flames for nine Durgas. The eternal flame is burning because the Sati’s tongue fell at that place.


These are some mysterious places of India which will amaze you with the hidden mystery behind ancient story. The treasure of the places will tantalize you to visit the places.

However, there are thousands of visitors even foreigners visit these mysterious places in India every year.