Mobile Kitchen for Traveling With Big Family – 5 Useful Tips

Description: It is possible to make the most of any ingredients at any destination with a few kitchen appliances. Most short-term vacation rentals and hotels these days make this possible by ensuring that travelers can cook and keep food safe during their stay.

Feeding a big family during a vacation is not that easy. You need to plan well otherwise you might end up spending a lot of money on food. Your “how to travel cheap” plan should include carrying your own food from home or carrying kitchen appliances that can enable you to make the most out of your vacation.

If you choose to rent a place to stay when you travel, you have a great opportunity to cook. If you go to a coastal region or a market in some exotic place, there are some kitchen appliances we recommend carrying if you want to make the most of your travel.

Mobile Kitchen Appliances You Should Carry When Traveling with a Large Family

#1. Knives


No matter where to travel, it is typical to find a vacation rental that has drawers that contain kitchen appliances like knives. Shoddy kitchen appliances can ruin your vacation and so we recommend carrying your own knives from home. Carry a chef knife and the right paring knife if you want to enjoy your kitchen during the vacation. We also recommend including appliances like plastic blade guards which will protect your knives when traveling.

#2. Things that you can flip, scoop and stir

 spoons, spatula, and tongs

We recommend packing some lightweight silicone kitchen appliances. These kitchen appliances include things like spoons, spatula, and tongs. These kitchen appliances will keep your food from getting stuck or dropped. After traveling for several hours from an ocean to get fish, you need to make sure that the fish gets to your place in one piece.

#3. Buzzkill should be avoided

Imagine flying to a place with a bottle of wine and on arriving at the place where you will be staying, you find that the kitchen appliances that you need have been removed. Or maybe you go to a place and want to share a bottle of beer with friends and there is no bottle opener. Something like this can stop a party. We recommend carrying a pair of scissors or any other kitchen appliances that you can use.

#4. Other strange but helpful items that you should carry

You may always wish to amend your best kitchen appliances with items that you are sure you might require during your big family holidays. If you are traveling to the coast, for instance, you will need kitchen appliances like an oyster knife. Having other kitchen appliances like a vegetable peeler will also be useful.

We recommend taking the time to think about the things you might want to buy at your destination and add any specialty kitchen appliances to assist you.

#5. A spice rack should never be forgotten


It is almost impossible to get the right selection of spices in a hotel during a vacation. The most common spices you can find are pepper and salt. So, our travel advice here is, ensure you get some stackable pill cases with the spices that you love.

You may even find miniature bottles of almost every type of olive oil, vinaigrette and hot sauce at stores. But in case you don’t find them, you can purchase a few kitchen appliances and pack your own. We also think it is good to include a few zip-lock bags and some aluminum foil pieces.


The simplest way to pack all these kitchen appliances we have talked about here is by using a chef roll. For the pantry appliances, use a zippered pouch. We recommend looking for a chef roll that has pockets that have a safe closure.

Ensure that the sharp appliances are rolled up using blade guards and keep them in a safe place. Once you have packed all your kitchen appliances nicely, it will fit well in your travel bag. In fact, if you know how to pack a travel bag nicely, your luggage will not look so big and it will be easier to carry. Now you are ready to go on a vacation.

Did you enjoy reading our article? Which of the kitchen appliances we talked about here will you carry on your next family vacation? Write to us and you can ask us any questions or give us any suggestions that you may have.