Top 10 Best Monuments In India

India has an amazing and beautiful historical past which offers peacefulness. The places reveal all the secrets of the history of origin.

India is the land of heritage and culture. The heritage best monuments in India attract many tourists to visit it every year.

Though we all have a craving to know the magnificent story behind all the architectural beauty of India. That’s our moral duty to preserve those iconic places which have offered by the emperors of history.

We should maintain the golden memories of our country’s past as it was taken care of by emperors from so many decades. Some are the symbol of peace, the symbol of love and some are symbols of power.

So Let’s Read About The Best Monuments In India

Here, we have mentioned the top 10 best monuments in India which are the symbol of ancient civilization.

1/ Taj Mahal, Agra


The elegant place, Taj Mahal which is known as the symbol of love. The marvellous place is the creation of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal.

The place is known as crown of palaces which is listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites. The ivory white marble structure includes mosques, guest houses and formal garden surrounding the three sides of the wall.

The efforts of thousands of artisans make it the most amazing aesthetical masterpiece of heritage sites. Millions of visitors all over the world visit the glorious place every year.

Finial and iwan of the invoice structure increase the beauty of the amazing monument. Interior view of the structure is peaceful and real glory of this symbolic love.

The Munar rates are divided into three parts by constructing balconies around the ring of the tower. To make the each and every element decorative, calligraphy of poems and carving on the marble is done.

The attraction of exterior view of the structure is Mughal garden with flowerbeds. The best visiting time of the magnificent monument is cooler months.

2/ Ajanta  Ellora caves, Aurangabad


The another which is listed in the best monuments of India. The Ajanta elora caves consist of carving on the rock and painting.

The best example of Indian ancient art is this monument. The rock-cut sculptures express the emotions through various gestured carved.

The two phases of these caves include the worship halls of Buddhism tradition. The life of ancient civilization and rebirth of Buddha by presenting it pictorially.

However, the story also describes the different era of centuries. Ajanta caves are made with vivid colours and mural wall painting presenting in caves 16,17, 1 and 2.

Ellora caves include Hindu, Buddha and Jain religion caves. It is the main attraction in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra.

The caves 15 and 16 is decorated with elephants and naga. The painting in the Ajanta caves represents the Jataka tales.

In caves 17, the right Buddha are carved with the painting of elephants and riders.

3/ Lotus Temple, Delhi


The Lotus Temple is also called Bahai temples. The symbols of peace for all the religion.

The temple is shaped in flower. The 27 flower petals are arranged in three to form nine sides. Nine door entrances open up to the central hall which has the capacity to accommodate 2500 people.

Though it is stated that no pictures, statues and images can be displayed within the worship hall. The temple uses solar panels for electricity on the building. The first temple of Delhi which uses greenhouse system as well as solar panels.

Prayer and renditions of readings are sung by choirs as musical instruments cannot be played in the worship hall.

The temple in which all religion sacred writings can be read. The aesthetical beauty of ancient India attracts millions of visitors annually.

That’s why it is listed in the best Monuments in India.

4/ Mysore Palace, Mysore


This monument is one of the best monuments of India which is most visited. The palace is situated in Karnataka.

The Royal Palace is believed a seat of Kingdom of Mysore consisting old historical fort. The architectural style of constructing structure includes four eras of century Hindu, Mughal, Rajput and Gothic.

However, the palace is surrounded by a beautiful garden. The palace has three gateway for entrance with numerous tunnel from the palace to other places.

The pink dome consists of expansive arches and two smaller central arches. The central arch is the symbol of wealth and prosperity represents the goddess Gajalakshmi with elephants.

The temple faces the Chamundi Hills as the kings of Mysore were devotees of Goddess Chamundi.

5/ Qutub Minar, Delhi


The monument is second tallest Minar in India. Qutub Minar is one of the famous and best monuments in India.

Qutub Minar is included in world heritage sites as the tower has five storeys with spiral storeys. The construction is commenced by Qutb ud din Aibak. As the construction of this monuments includes many emperors.

The tower is surrounded by mosque and iron pillar of Delhi. It was designed the same as the “minarets of Jam”.

The flanges of columns consist of Quranic text and decorative elements. The east part of the fort is called Smith’s Folly.

6/ Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar


The Harmandir Sahib is golden gurudwara of Sikhs. It is also called the Golden temple.

The temple was constructed Sultan e Quam Sardar Jassa Singh. The temple has eternal peace in the site view.

The building includes a clock tower, museum, offices of Sikh community and langar. The place is for the worship of any religious people.

7/ Hawal Mahal, Jaipur


Hawal Mahal is also one of the best monuments in India in the Pink city Jaipur. The palace is constructed of red and pink sandstone.

The construction of this structure is commenced by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. The palace has five storeys with honeycomb style with 953 windows decorating by latticework.

The palace is designed n such as way that, the cool air can easily pass through the structure which makes it more pleasant during high temperature.

The mahal consists stone carved screens, casements, arched roofs and beautiful cornice. The windows are decorated by coloured glass work so when sun light enters the dome fills with spectrum of various colours.

The fountain is also provided in the center of the chamber. The various styles in every element can be seen in this palace.

8/ Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

Credit: Pixabay

The Victoria Memorial situated in Kolkata was built in the memory of Queen Victoria. However, it is now a museum for tourists visit.

After the queen’s death, the curzen of kedleston suggested to construct the memorial with huge garden.

The construction building uses the combination of British ad Mughal elements with various architectural influences.

 In the design of this grand building, they have designed Makrana white marbles like Taj mahal. However, the museum has 25 galleries include national gallery, portrait gallery, royal gllery etc.

The look of massive garden contains statues of dignitaries with bronze statue of Victoria. Thousands of tourists visit this, one of the best monuments in India every year.

9/ Sanchi Stupa, Sanchi


Sanchi stupa is significant and one of the best monuments in india. It is buddhist hilltop great stupa situated in Madhya Pradesh.

It is one of the oldest stone structures representing Indian architecture. The top dome is hemispherical brick structure covered with chhatri.

The construction of this structure is commenced by Ashoka. The massive stupa was built in Mauryan period with four elaborately carved toranas.

The surrounded structure is temple 40. Moreover, you can see the various periods ancient civilization and jataka tales with miracles of Buddha.

Best time of visiting this place is November to March as most of the festival taken place in these months. The place is legendry hub of Buddha. 

10/ Gateway of India, Mumbai

Credit: Pixabay

Gateway of India is one of marvel architecture best monuments in India. The structure was built to celebrate the arrival of King George and queen mary.

The structure is a combination of Indo-sarcenic architecture. The boating facility adds excitement in the place with beauty of Arabian sea.


The above-mentioned monuments are listed in best Monuments in India. The historical sites represent the ancient civilization and tales of the different era which are represented by describing in the form of painting, rock-cut carving, aesthetical marble, statues.

The beauty and architectural style attract millions of tourists to visit the place every year.

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