Top Mythological 5 Tombs in Africa

Africa, the second largest continent which beholds the beauty of nature and stories of ancient dynasties. We may excite to perceive the secrets concealed behind the heritage royal walls. The tombs in Africa have many special traits which could be recognized by people after many decades.

In order to preserve the emblems of the royal family, they were again restored so that the future generation can also perceive history. Here, we have mentioned the top Tombs in Africa which holds the cultural and historical significance with spectacular architectures.

List of Tombs in Africa

1. The Kasubi Tombs


Kasubi Tombs is situated in Kampala, Uganda. The burial site where four kings of Buganda and their royal family were buried. This burial site has renowned for its wonderful traditional architecture. Later in 2001, the site is recorded in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Tomb is described as one of the remarkable sites made up of purely organic materials. It is surrounded by salubrious Kasubi hills covering around 26 hectares. You can also sight some exceptional royal collection such as ancient weapons, traditional musical instruments, and shields. It is also the center of the traditional manufacturing site for the decoration of Barkcloth. This is one of the ancient and spectacular tombs in South Africa built-in the 13th century.

2. Karambi Tombs 

Karambi-tombs-tombs-in africa

Karambi Tomb is located 4 miles to the south Fort portal town in western Uganda. The tomb holds rich cultural and historic values of Tooro culture. The royal family of the Tooro kingdom was graved at Karambi Tomb.

The Tooro Kingdom had three former kings therefore there are three tomb houses. Such a mysterious place that conceals the history of the Tooro kingdom. You will also find the royal emblems in these tombs such as drums, spears, and calabashes which were used by former kings. After restructuring the tombs, the tourist’s facilities consist of museums and swimming pools. Hence, Karambi’s tomb is one of the best tombs in Africa.

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3. Beni Hassan Tombs 


Beni Hassan is an ancient cemetery in middle Egypt. There are many old kingdom burial grounds of the 17th century. The temple was constructed in the south of the cemetery which was dedicated to Goddess Pakhet renowned as the cave of Artemis.

There are nearly 39 tombs in Middle Egypt. Later, the cemeteries are distributed – Upper cemetery and lower cemetery. These tombs have incredible paintings of the 19th century. The paintings depict scenes of daily life and warfares. Bani Hassan is one of the ancient tombs in Africa.

4. KV62


KV62 is an Egyptian tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun in the Valley of the kings. Only the burial chamber in the royal tomb was painted with scenes from the opening mouth ceremony. The tomb was discovered by Howard Carter in the 19th century.

It was observed that the tomb was densely packed with items in a great tangle. Due to this state of the tomb, with the help of Carter’s meticulous technique, the contents in the tomb were transported to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. It is believed that regalia from KV62 has been buried in KV56. In 2008, the tomb limited the tourist visit to 400 but then in 2010, it was closed for public. After restoration, the tomb is again opened to the public in 2012. The tomb is renowned as one of the remarkable tombs in Africa.

5. Frazer Tombs


Frazer Tomb is a necropolis (large and designed cemetery with tomb monuments) situated 6.2 miles northeast of Al Minya, Upper Egypt. This rock-cut tomb belongs to the fourth- fifth dynasty of the old Kingdom. 

The tomb was discovered in the 18th century by Heinrich Brugsch and described by British Civil Engineer George Willoughby Frazer. Four tombs contain statues and carved hieroglyphics of the old kingdom. Some of the tombs contain the statue of the family of the old kingdom. The tomb is open for public but it can only be accessible by taxi with police escort. But you can enjoy the tour by Google’s virtual reality platform.


The most exceptional and ancient architecture of Africa conceals many mysteries of the 20 Dynasty. The paintings and scenes on the walls of tombs reveal the stories of their kingdom. It represents it’s historical and cultural values of their kingdom. However, there are many emblems that were captured and preserved in the Museums. The spectacular architecture of KV62 and the cultural significance of Bani Hassan are the most popular Tombs in Africa resides in the Valley of Kings and middle Egypt respectively.

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