Do not miss these 7 things to do in Shillong

The white water strips falling from the rocky cliffs and lush green mountains make your stare spellbound. We all look for rejuvenating break from the rush of life.

when the day starts with incredible glance of salubrious hills with the sip of coffee then why we shouldn’t fall in love with this magnificent place.

Shillong is a wonderful place I have ever visited. As it is renowned as the “Scotland of the East”. It is having the number of things to do in Shillong such as water sports and adventures and many more.

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The incredible scenic beauty of the weather made my trip awful. However, I have visited many hills station in the Northwest of India.

But this was my first experience to visit the eastside’s hill station which was far more amazing than other places. Shillong has picturesque beauty of mountains and rock cliffs residing in Meghalaya.

The cool bliss of air and varied climate conditions of the region makes it the most visited places of India. I was having mesmerized stare at the combination of natural beauties.

Glancing the waterfalls meeting small streams, mountain peaks and wildlife of the area are the reason why this place has marvellous beauty.

Above all, whenever I visit any hill station I always choose first the water sports and other adventure. But there are many more other things to do in Shillong.

Things to do in Shillong

Let’s have a glance over 5-7 days experience of the pleasing trip to Shillong. There are many things to do in Shillong such as trekking, boating, rock climbing and golfing.

Well, I prefer to go there in March- April because the summer is cool and drizzling.

1. Glimpses of the Waterfalls


Glancing the waterfalls surrounding the fern rocks is the incredible things to do in Shillong. There are many waterfalls such as Elephant falls, Crinoline falls, Bishop and Beadon falls.

Elephant falls has three layers of rock shaped in the elephant on one side. The picturesque look of the waterfall was amazing with dense trees and bushes.

The native Khashi people call this three-step fall as “ Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew”. The first fall is narrow seems like falling water from the dense bushes.

The second fall has reduced the strands of water. The third most impressive fall is tall and road which is having clear water. The scenic view of this fall was holding me to spend more time with peaceful environment.

Crinoline falls, The another popular waterfall i visited. The fall was quite tall and from the bottom broad creating the pool. The add-on of the beautiful fall is the surrounding greenery.

The various cultural events are also organized in the area so these falls are the best tourist spots.

2. Boating in lakes


Boating is another one of the enjoyable things to do in Shillong. The most popular lake for boating is Umiam Lake which is at the distance of 17km from Shillong.

Usually, the lakeside view is peaceful and full of greenery to enjoy the activities. There are many activities such as rowing, sailing and water skiing on the lakeside.

I have also enjoyed the fun kayaking in Umiam lake. Hence, it is a popular tourist destination for water sports and adventures. The other water sports were water cycling and scooting.

I went for boating because that is the best way to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. There is also another artificial lake, wards lake.

However, boating facility is available there with the beautiful garden.

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3. Shillong Golf course  


Golfing is also one of the best things to do in Shillong. The golf courses are largest in all over Asia.

The green hills surrounding the club was the add-on of golfing. It was challenging but the fun-loving thing. The beautiful pine trees and rhododendron trees are covering the golf course with green grass.

However, the course is having eighteen holes in which the 6th hole is the largest. The courses are in between the valley makes the view incredible.

The Golf course of Shillong is also renowned as the “Glen Eagle of East”.  This is one of the best destinations for family trips.

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4. Trekking in Trails


Trekking is one of the best things to do in Shillong as it makes you feel like walking on the clouds and mist. One of the most popular trails of Shillong is David Scott’s trail.

You will find the varied slopes on this trail such as downslope, flat and upward slope. This trail is one of the oldest trekking routes in Shillong.

The best spot to capture the mountainous beauty, streams and deep valleys. However, this trail is divided in smaller trekking routes starting from Mawphlang to Lad Mawphlang.

There are other many trails for enjoying the trekking Living root bridge trail, Smit trail and Mawlyngot trail. I have visited David Scott’s trail and living root bridge trail.

The second trail, Living bridge trail is the adventurous trail residing in Tyrna. The trail is in between the forest with green lust trees and bushes. The trek is about 7 to 8 km in forest.

The second trek was peaceful and scenic too but if you want a glance of a vibrant mix of nature then David Scott’s trail is the best option for trekking.

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5. Camping


The best camping places are also there in the Shillong. One of the delightful things to do in Shillong.

The camping places are Khasi hills surrounded by valleys and peaks. Moreover, the riverside view makes the evening more pleasure with the campfire.

The combination all the scenic view can be relished such as lush green forest, waterfalls, surrounding wildlife and river flowing through the creeks.

The hill is the much-developed region in the area. As it is renowned as the best destination for Ecological hotspot.

Moreover, there are other camping places such as Mawphlang rainforest and Dawki. This is one of the best family picnic spots as well.

6. Rock Climbing


Rock climbing is also another adventurous things to do in Shillong. There are many rock climbing spots in Shillong but the most popular spot is Kyllang Rock.

The red granite rock is at the distance of 17km from the Shillong. You can adore the beautiful landscape of nature from the rock.

It is believed that the rock has a magnetic field that protects people to fall from the rock. As thousands of tourists enjoy rock climbing here every year.

Well, the staircase is also available to climb the rock. Another best place for rock climbing is Rock garden located in the east of Khasi hills.

7. Visiting the Nokrek National park


The other best thing to do in Shillong is gazing the wildlife of the area. The amazing places with various species of flora and fauna.

I have visited the park as it is always exciting to see various state’s wildlife. The Nokrek National park is 2km away from the town Tura.

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Many endangered species of the fauna and flora are preserved in the national park. However, we came to know this park is renowned as Biosphere Reserves.

The species of fauna includes tiger, Asian elephants, red panda, Macaque and marbled cats. However, we also hear the loud sound of the hoolocks which is a common species of the park.


The wonderful sites and sceneries of the Shillong make it most visited hill station in Meghalaya. There are many things to do in Shillong such as Rock climbing giant rock of Khasi hills, boating in the lakes and enjoying the camping on the forest side.

The adventurous trails on best trekking spots and fun loving activity of golfing made my trip awful. I recommend this hill station for the best destination for summer vacations.