Top 8 Attractions of New Jersey [USA]

You may have dreamed to explore the world before time runs out. Some scenic beauties of nature and some heritage walls of the ancient time exhibits the civilization of old times. Experiencing the sea life within some inches apart is awe-inspiring.

New Jersey, one of the smallest and diverse areas of United States bordered by New York. The freezing beauty of the Hudson River and Delaware river admires the beauty of the state. Some of the best attractions of New Jersey are the wonderful sighting of Delaware recreational park, an extravagant summer trip to Cape May and Sunbathing in the coastal city makes your vacations more joyful.

Attractions of New Jersey

Cape May


Cape May is a beautiful city that resides on the southern tip of the Cape May Peninsula in New Jersey. The bliss of the endless edges of the sea, such a whoopee tropical trip in summers.

Major beach activities are swimming, sunbathing, hiking and fishing on Higbee beach. Glancing the wonderful saffron rays of the sun in the evening with the glass of mocktail. The city has a bunch of heritage collections in the museums. The lighthouse in the evening is just an awe-inspiring view from the shoreline. 

The most popular museum in Cape May Firemen’s museum and colonial houses. The adventure on the cove beach is joyful and astonishing. The picturesque view of the bird watching and marine mammal watching is mesmerizing.

The shopping streets of Cape May make the feel of the 90’s movie. The amazing landscape and historical aesthetics of hotels and restaurants are the beauty of this city. Hence, the city of Cape May is one of the wonderful attractions of New Jersey.



Newark, the most populous city in New Jersey as well as in the entire U.S. The huge lines of the skyscraper are just seem to touch the clouds. The markets and wide streets of the city give a much modern look to the city.

Every heritage walls conceal the mystery of its cultural significance as well as historical stories. So the city has also some heritage walls in the central ward such as Lincoln Park, Washington Park, and Military Park.

What if you are told to reside in between the salubrious hills of forests especially when the surrounding is covered with gentle heels. Sounds amazing, the city has many old mansions and colonial homes which became the landmark of the city.

Walking on the Jackson street bridge along the riverfront is an awful feeling at night time. The cool bliss of glassy water in the lake of Weequhic Park gives the picturesque view. The mesmerizing view of Branch Brook Park in the spring is a paradise of the city.

The Adventure Aquarium


Adventure Aquarium is a spectacular place to explore sea life. It is a major attraction of new Jersey resides in Camden on the Delaware River Camden waterfront. It is home for 8000 species living in semi-aquatic and aquatic.

This aquarium features large collections of sharks of the east coast. This is one of the adventurous aquariums in the world which also exhibits hippos and blue penguins. Have you ever dreamed of the exotic sea life around you which makes you feel one of them?

It is just awful to feel the touch the pearls of the sea life. Glancing the sea turtles and experience of sighting the sharks just within some inches apart is like Emporer of the sea. Hence it is the major attraction of New Jersey amongst the tourists.

Atlantic City 


The Atlantic City is known as the Gambling Capital of the east coast. It exhibits a huge gambling world with the best casinos such as the Atlantic club, Golden Nugget, Trump Plaza, etc. Enjoying the dark blue saffron evening on the path of Broadwalks along the beach line.

It makes your eye astonished in the magical lighting of the nightlife of the gambling world surrounding. And amazing carnival of the amusement park is whoopee with the roller coaster. Explore the night time riding on the rental bikes and historical electric tram is the best part of the coastal city.

The specialties of the city are exhibiting its cultural significance. It is one of the popular attractions of New Jersey which hosts huge concerts and events that catch millions of eyes around the world.

Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Park


Delaware National Recreational park is the best place to spend your vacations in the winters. Spending time between the lush green salubrious valleys and blissful mountains. A mesmerizing white strip of water cutting the edges of the dark rocks is just an amazing picturesque view of the Park.

The long trail of Appalachian and hiking trails along the streams and peak of mountains are the beauty of the recreational park. Other parks feature Minisink Archeological sites which explore many activities such as swimming, fishing, and camping.

The wonderful sight of Dingmans falls is popular among the tourists. This park is one of the adventurous places as well as scenic beauties of nature. Hence, this is one of the spectacular attractions of New Jersey.

Six Flag Great Adventure and Wild Safari


Whoopee feel of experiencing numerous roller coaster and other rides in Six Flag Adventures and wild safari is the most popular fun-loving attraction of New jersey. Sighting animal shows and dining in between the lighting saffron evening is just another beautiful thing to do.

All age groups in the family can enjoy various rides such as there are mainly three categories in rides – Thrill rides, kid’s rides, and family rides. The astonishing lights of festivals and live performance makes rocky the night hours.

The most venture rides in the Six flag adventures are 87 Degree first drop and longest single rail coaster. Hence, this is the best eye-catching and adventurous safari around the world.

Thomas Edison National Historical Park


The reddish wall of Thomas Edison’s home with libraries preservation and renowned as National Historical Park. The laboratories along with his music room, machine shops are operated from 40 years.

Experiencing the touch of his inventions is a pleasure for this whole world as he impressed the world with his extraordinary inventions. The museum preserves various heritage inventions for many decades by renewing his residence. 

Morey’s Pier


Morey’s Pier, the amusement and water park residing in the Cape May. It basically covers the stretch of six beach lines along the Cape May. Morey brothers have extended the limit line of this park and created fairytale park along the beachside.

You can enjoy adventurous family rides as well as thrill rides for all age groups. The park is not only popular for rides but also for several driving tracks and go-cart tracks. The park consists of two water parks which have wonderful and whoopee rides such as water slides and lazy river. Hence, the park is one of the fun-loving attractions of New Jersey.

Wrapping Up

If you are planning to have the most overwhelming vacations in this summers then you must visit these beautiful attractions of New Jersey. The longest roller coaster of Six Flag adventure, the coastal city’s beachside view and heritage walls of the Newark are the best places to visit in New Jersey.

Eye-catching colorful nightlife on the boardwalks is a peaceful thing to do in this rush of life. Especially the floral world fulfills the colors in the spring. Do Enjoy the liveliness of these awesome places.